How to do Quality Control at Ball Mill Girth Gear

Ball Mill Girth Gear factory introduced that the cavity size, the machined shell, the accuracy of the molding line and the surface roughness, etc., these problems will directly affect the working efficiency of the equipment, as well as the development of energy consumption and cavitation, etc. .

In addition to what the steel casting factory manufacturers mentioned above, there are many factors that can affect the quality of steel castings. Next, let me explain in detail:

1. For the operation of the process, it is necessary to formulate a reasonable process operation procedure before processing.
At the same time, it is necessary to improve the technical level of workers, so that the process can be correctly implemented.

2. In terms of design technology, good design technology can produce good casting products.
When designing, Ball Mill Girth Gear processing manufacturers need to determine its size and shape according to the environmental conditions of the casting and the material properties of the metal.
It is also necessary to consider the rationality of the design from the aspect of casting process characteristics to avoid unnecessary defects.

3. Casting manufacturability, foundry manufacturers can choose appropriate modeling and core making methods according to the structure, size, weight and required conditions of the casting.
Casting ribs or cold iron, gating systems and risers, etc. are set according to these.

4. In terms of raw materials, manufacturers should also pay special attention to the quality of raw materials used in casting must meet the standard, otherwise it will cause defects such as pores, pinholes, sand sticking and slag inclusion in the casting, which will also directly affect the casting. exterior and interior quality.
In severe cases, the casting will be directly scrapped.


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