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Ball mill bearing

Ball Mill Trunnion Bearing

Ball Mill Trunnion Bearing also known as the ball mill trunnion, is an important part of the ball mill that carries the rotation of the cylinder of the ball mill.

Ball mill bearings are important components of ball mills, vertical mills, rotary kilns, rolling mills, and other equipment, and their quality directly affects production efficiency and safe operation of equipment and is also one of the clinker equipment.

Ball mill bearings usually use high-quality steel materials, such as GCr15, which can provide excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance.

Ball Mill Bearing Structure

Ball mill bearing usually consists of several parts such as an outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements, and cage.
The outer ring and the inner ring are the main bearing parts of the Ball mill bearing, and the gap between the outer ring and the inner ring is filled with rolling elements to form spherical rolling elements.
The space between the rolling element and the cage is filled with metal sheets, nylon sheets, and other materials to form independent rolling element units.
Thereby ensuring the stability and carrying capacity of the Ball mill bearing during high-speed rotation.

The working principle of the ball mill bearing is that when the ball mill starts to run, the main motor drives the sliding bearing through the belt to drive the roller to rotate.
The ball mill bearing is subject to rotational moment and load, which will produce relative rolling between the inner and outer rings, and the rolling elements roll along the rolling channel, thereby forming frictional force and resisting the sliding and sliding resistance of the ball mill bearing.

When the ball mill bearing bears excessive load or rotates too fast, excessive heat will be generated, which may cause the melting or burning of rolling elements and cages.
In order to avoid this situation, ball mill bearings usually use metal plates, nylon plates, and other materials as cages to keep the relative position of the rolling elements unchanged, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of ball mill bearings during high-speed rotation.

Ball Mill Bearing Feature

  1. High Load Capacity: Using high-quality materials and a precision manufacturing process, it can withstand high loads and shock loads.
  2. Long Lifespan: Ball mill bearings precision manufacturing and high-quality materials can provide a long lifespan, reducing the number of replacements and maintenance.
  3. Low friction coefficient: The ball mill bearings rolling friction method reduces the friction coefficient between it and the rotating shaft, reducing energy loss and wear.
  4. Corrosion resistance: Ball mill bearings materials and lubricating oil have good corrosion resistance, can work in harsh environments, and maintain their excellent performance.
  5. Maintainability: Ball mill bearing structure design and disassembly and assembly methods are simple and convenient, easy to maintain and replace.
  6. High reliability: Ball mill bearings with high-quality materials and precision manufacturing process, as well as good lubrication and sealing design, can provide high reliability and stability.

Ball Mill Trunnion Advantage

  1. High load-bearing capacity: Trunnion bearing ball mill
    is designed with high-quality steel and bearings, which can withstand large axial and radial loads, providing solid support for the normal operation of ball mills and other equipment.
  2. Strong durability: The trunnion bearing ball mill is made of high-strength materials, after special heat treatment and surface treatment, it has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance and can run for a long time without damage.
  3. Good stability: Ball mill bearing adopts advanced technology and process in the design and manufacturing process to ensure its quality stability and precision consistency, and can provide stable speed and operating efficiency.
  4. Good maintainability: the trunnion bearing ball mill is reasonably designed, easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to maintain and replace.
    At the same time, the ball mill bearing has a simple structure, which is easy to inspect and repair, effectively reducing maintenance costs and work difficulty.
  5. Can adapt to different environments: Ball mill-bearing has a special surface treatment and sealing design, which can adapt to the needs of different environments, including complex working environments such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, and dust.


Application Field

  1. Mining and metallurgical industry: Ball mill bearings are widely used in ball mills, ore grinding machines, ball milling furnaces, and other equipment in mining and metallurgical industries.
  2. Construction and cement industry: Ball mill bearings are widely used in cement mills, coal powder mills, and other equipment in the construction and cement industry.
  3. Chemical and ceramic industry: Ball mill bearing is also widely used in ball mills, grinding machines, pulverizers, and other equipment in the chemical and ceramic industries.
  4. Food and the pharmaceutical industry: Ball mill bearing is also used in equipment such as pulverizers and mixers in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Ball Mill Trunnion Work Process

Trunnion Bearing Ball Mill Installation

Installation Steps

  1. Preparatory work: Check whether the Ball mill bearing meets the requirements, clean the working area, and prepare necessary tools and equipment.
  2. Check the bearing seat: check whether the bearing seat and base are consistent with the fuselage and whether there is wear or crack on the base.
  3. Install the bearing: Apply proper lubricant on the bearing seat, put the bearing into the bearing seat lightly, and ensure that the bearing is aligned with the seat.
  4. Install the seals: Install the seals on the outside of the bearing housing to ensure that the seals are installed correctly and will not wear the bearings or block the flow of lubricating oil.
  5. Install the oil seal: install the oil seal on the inner side of the bearing seat to ensure that the oil seal is installed correctly and will not wear the bearing or leak lubricating oil.
  6. Install the bearing cover: install the bearing cover on the outside of the bearing seat, and make sure that the cover is installed correctly and will not loosen or hinder the work of the seal.
  7. Connect other components: According to the structure and design of the ball mill, connect other components, such as transmission, casing, inlet, outlet, etc.


  1. Before installing the Ball mill bearing, check whether the bearing seat and base meet the requirements, and replace or repair it in time if there is any problem.
  2. Pay attention to the position of the bearing seat and the base when installing the Ball mill bearing, and ensure that the bearing seat and the base match.
  3. When installing Ball mill bearings, attention should be paid to the installation position and correctness of seals and oil seals to avoid leakage of lubricating oil.
  4. After the ball mill bearing is installed, a lubrication test and load test should be carried out to ensure that the bearing can work normally.


  1. Regularly replace the lubricating oil to ensure that the bearing is always in a good lubrication state.
  2. Regularly clean bearings and housings to avoid contamination and wear.
  3. Regularly check the state of the bearing seat and base, and replace or repair in time if there is any problem.
  4. Regularly check the working status of the Ball mill bearing, and deal with it in time if any abnormality is found.


How to deal with noise in ball mill bearing?

Answer: The noise of the Ball mill bearing may be caused by damage to the rolling elements, wear of the cage, etc., and the corresponding parts need to be replaced.
At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the installation of the Ball mill bearing is reasonable and whether it is too tight or too loose.

What should I do if oil seepage occurs in the Ball mill bearing?

Answer: The oil leakage of the Ball mill bearing may be caused by poor sealing of the Ball mill bearing, damage to the oil seal, etc., and the oil seal needs to be replaced in time.
At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the lubrication system of the ball mill bearing is working normally and whether there is any oil leakage.

How to deal with overheating of Ball mill bearing?

Answer: The overheating of the Ball mill bearing may be caused by excessive load, poor lubrication, damage to rolling elements, etc., and corresponding measures need to be taken in time.
For example, reduce the load, replace the lubricating oil, replace the rolling elements, etc.

How to choose a suitable Ball mill bearing?

Answer: Choosing a suitable Ball mill bearing needs to consider many factors, such as load capacity, rotational speed, axial and radial loads, etc.
Users can choose the corresponding Ball mill bearing model according to their actual needs, and consult professionals for confirmation.

User reviews

  • “We’ve been using Ball mill bearings for a long time and they hold up really well, hold a lot of loads, and don’t wear out very well.”
  • “Ball mill bearing has very good sealing performance, is not easy to leak oil, and has very good corrosion resistance.
    It can maintain good performance even when used in harsh environments.”
  • “The installation and maintenance of the Ball mill bearing are very convenient, and our staff can quickly perform replacement and maintenance, saving a lot of time and effort.”
  • “We had a few issues with the Ball mill bearing, but the customer service from the producer was excellent and resolved our issues in a timely manner, which we are very pleased with.”


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