Building Materials Factory Purchased KINGMAN Ring Gear

Diameter: 7.3m
Material: GS34CrMo4
Unit eight: 34 tons
Modulus: 36

After the inspection and comparison, a large building materials factory in contacted an order of 7.3 meters large ring gear with KINGMAN. Customers said: The first time, field inspection, impressed; the second time, quality testing, signed cooperation; third, product acceptance, cooperation happy.


The Advantage

  1. High abrasion resistance
    KINGMAN adopts unique heat treatment technology to optimize the girth gear structure, and improve its hardness, wear resistance and the impact force.
  2. High strength steel ensures, long working time
    KINGMAN uses the high-strength steel, and optimize it according to the transmission characteristics of rotary kiln and ball mill, which ensure its stability during long-time working and prolong the service life of the gears.
  3. Efficient mass production, shorten the delivery time
    KINGMAN has strong strength for steel casting parts, and can produce in large quantities with short production time and high output.


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