Cement Equipment

Cement equipment refers to the general term for mechanical equipment and tools used to produce cement.
Cement equipment mainly includes clinker calcination equipment, cement mill, cement crusher, industrial dust collector, conveying equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc.
Cement equipment is designed and functional for efficient cement manufacturing throughout the production process from raw material to the final product.
AGICO CEMENT is a professional cement plant spare parts and cement equipment manufacturer in China.
We manufacture and export large cement projects and various cement-making machinery.
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Industrial Dust Collector

Cement Dust Collector

Cement Dust Collector

The cement silo dust collector has different appearances, but it is usually composed of filter bags, filter cartridges, dust removal chambers, dust cleaning systems, electrical control systems, fans, etc.

pulse jet bag filter system

LCM Pulse Jet Bag Filter

LCM Pulse Jet Bag Filter is a commonly used air purification equipment to remove particulate matter and dust generated in industrial processes.

Conveying Equipment

Bucket elevator in cement plant

Bucket Elevator In Cement Plant

A bucket elevator, also known as a bucket conveyor, is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in cement factories, mines, chemical industries, and other industries, used for vertical delivery of a variety of powder, granular, and small block materials.

Auxiliary Equipment

Cement separator

Cement Separator

A cement separator, also known as a cement pulverizer or cement cyclone separator, is a kind of equipment used to separate ground cement clinker and ground cement powder in a cement mill system.

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