Cemindo Grinder Roll

Cemindo Grinder Roll user Egypt Cement introduces the common causes and solutions of vertical mill vibration

1. The material is very hard

Some vertical mills have strict requirements on the hardness of materials (such as ultra-fine vertical mills), if the working range is exceeded, the output will be reduced, the vertical mill will vibrate strongly, and the stone powder will be too coarse.
Therefore, the hardness of the material must be well controlled.

2. The material is too fine

If the particle size of the material is too fine or even powder, the vertical mill will vibrate violently, because there is no material layer in the middle of the Cemindo Grinder Roll and the grinding ring, which directly rubs against the grinding disc.
In this case, the speed of the main engine can be adjusted to solve the vibration of the vertical mill.

3. Uneven feeding

The vertical mill suddenly appears abnormal feeding phenomenon (feeding too fast, too slow, too much, etc.), which will also cause the vertical mill to vibrate violently.
This situation can be solved by adjusting the feeder.

4. The anchor bolts of the host are loose

This situation is the most common, mainly because the vibration of the equipment during the grinding process leads to the loosening of the bolts, which will lead to increased vibration over time.
Therefore, the equipment should be checked before starting up.

5. Deformation of grinding roller of vertical mill

The grinding rollers will wear out over time, and the long-term wear and tear of the grinding rollers will be irregular, resulting in violent vibration during the rolling process.
The grinding rollers should be replaced in time, and the grinding rollers of good quality should be selected as much as possible (the grinding rollers configured by the vertical mill of Tongli Heavy Machinery are cast from special materials and are more wear-resistant after heat treatment)

6. Vertical mill installation failure

During the installation process, the centerline of the transmission part of the main engine is bent, and it will vibrate during operation.
Adjust the center line in time.

Cemindo Grinder Roll

Egypt Cement is sourcing cement equipment spare parts from AGICO CEMENT via info@cementplantparts.com and introducing this stable supplier to other local cement projects in Egypt.

Egypt Cement, a user of Cemex Grinder Roll, introduces several repair techniques for the wear of vertical grinding roller cores

1. Copper pad

It is only suitable for emergency repairs. The copper pad can not be filled well, and it needs to be adjusted many times to install it in place, and sometimes due to insufficient filling, the copper can easily fall out of the cracks during operation.

2. On-site local repair welding

This method is safer than the copper pad method, but it is only an emergency treatment method. If it runs for a long time, it will become a major hidden danger, which will bring major risks to equipment management and safe continuous production.


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