Cinders Grinder Roll

Cinders Grinder Roll is the core of the vertical mill at Bahrain Cement Factory, and is responsible for the production and grinding quality of the enterprise.
The Bahrain Cement factory is well aware of the importance of vertical grinding rollers on vertical mills. When pressurizing, each group of grinding rollers uses a separate pressurizing system; using the maintenance hydraulic cylinder can individually turn out a single grinding roller outside the machine body for inspection and maintenance. convenient.

Cinders Grinder Roll

in the early days of China
The fly ash from power plants is treated as garbage, which seriously pollutes the environment. Since the promotion of environmental protection and resource conservation and the promotion of the process of replacing soil with fly ash, fly ash in power plants has become very popular. Through the improvement of the process, the use of vertical mills to grind fly ash can be used in cement raw materials, cement mixtures, large-volume concrete products, especially new materials such as hollow bricks for construction, and the frequency of use in our lives is also quite high. .

With the continuous advancement of vertical mill technology and the continuous improvement of the requirements for powder materials in precision processing, the demand for large-scale vertical mills in cement raw clinker processing, power plants, and fly ash utilization has gradually increased, which has greatly promoted the Application of energy-saving vertical mill.

Cinders Grinder Roll is the key wear-resistant part of vertical mill, and its quality is directly related to the overall production output, quality and operating cost. The consumption of high-chromium roller sleeves increases the production cost of the glass fiber industry, which has attracted great attention from the industry.

So how to solve the wear of high chromium roller sleeves?

1. Repair the old roller sleeve to improve the utilization rate of the roller sleeve to maintain production
2. Roller sleeves with high wear resistance are required to keep production going.

The high-chromium roller sleeve is convenient and quick to replace the roller sleeve by overhauling the oil cylinder and turning the boom, which can reduce the loss of downtime.
The roller sleeve is made of high-quality high-chromium wear-resistant alloy, which reduces wear and prolongs the service life.
Adding an appropriate amount of molybdenum, nickel and other alloys during smelting can effectively improve the wear resistance of the roll sleeve. Through the double-medium heat treatment process of quenching and tempering, advanced heat treatment technology, and the company’s systematic quality assurance system, the HRC hardness is guaranteed to be higher than 65.
Coloring flaw detection was carried out on each roller sleeve, and no cracks were found, which fully met the user’s requirements.


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