Clinker Grinder Roll

Clinker Grinder Roll adopts a tire-shaped design, the advantage is that it can be turned over to use, which greatly improves the service life of the roller sleeve.
It is different from other types of roller sleeves, the wear surface is uniform and smooth as a whole, and there are no pits and grooves. After long-term operation, there are no peeling, falling blocks, cracks and other phenomena.
The Grinder Roll is also an environmentally friendly product that can be recycled.

Clinker Grinder Roll

Qatar Cement introduces the advantages of high chromium Grinder Roll in the production of Clinker
The Clinker Grinder Roll is a key component in the vertical mill, and its quality, especially its wear resistance, directly affects its work rate, powder quality and production cost.

In the early days, the roller sleeve and the lining plate of the cement vertical mill were seriously worn. To solve the wear problem, the surfacing repair method was generally used to maintain the production needs of the vertical mill.
Simple surfacing welding can solve the production needs of the roll sleeve in time, but the surfacing welding is easy to fall off, the service life is short, and the surfacing welding will also cause a lot of wear of the lining plate.
From the long-term production of the cement vertical mill roller sleeve, the new Grinder Roll should be replaced as soon as possible.
Qatar Cement is using Grinder Roll and introduced the manufacturer to a domestic cement plant.


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