Coal Grinder Roll

Coal Grinder Roll adopts metal mold casting process, which can not only improve the productivity of castings, but also improve the process yield and reduce production costs.
The material of the Coal grinding roller is an important factor determining the service life. As the key component of the vertical mill, the Coal grinding roller often contains some impurities with hard texture, such as iron blocks, stones, etc. It is easy to cause serious wear and tear in the process, which will seriously affect the production efficiency.

AGICO CEMENT adopts metal cold casting to produce cement raw meal mill, which not only has the advantages of stable quality, guaranteed installation size, high smoothness and easy grinding, but also successfully applied to vertical mills in COAL industry in the Middle East. please contact

Why AGICO CEMENT does not recommend on-line surfacing of cement high chromium roller sleeves

1. High-chromium cast iron surfacing can lead to a sharp drop in the wear resistance of high-chromium cast iron raw materials. After the high-chromium cast iron material is heated above 500 ℃, its martensite structure is rapidly transformed into pearlite structure.

2. The thicker the wall, the easier it is to crack, because the heat dissipation conditions are poor and the thermal stress is greater.

Analyze the cause of cracking

1. On-line surfacing welding of high-chromium grinding rollers causes local heating of the grinding rollers to generate stress

2. The stress concentration cannot be released, resulting in cracking of the grinding roller

3. During the online surfacing welding of high-chromium grinding rollers, due to the large environmental temperature difference, it is easy to produce uneven temperature of the grinding rollers, resulting in stress concentration and cracking. At present, the domestic consensus is that the use of online surfacing welding is more risky.

Therefore, Suzhou Runda does not recommend the online surfacing technology for cement high-chromium roller sleeves when there are problems with the online surfacing technology.


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