India Cement Company solved the related faults of Girth Gear And Pinion

Girth Gear And Pinion will have some sudden failures, such as the violent vibration of the ball mill gear.

Analysis of the reasons and solutions for the failure of the ball mill such as the violent vibration of the pinion gear and the cracking of the large ring gear

If the large ring gear in the ball mill is cracked or the temperature of the ball mill bearing suddenly rises, etc., if the problem cannot be found and solved in time, it may lead to the shutdown of the ball mill or even an accident.
This article shares the reasons and solutions.

1. The pinion of the ball mill vibrates violently

The normal operation of the ball mill uses a motor to drive the ball mill to perform rotating operations.
The ball mill driven by the motor is directly connected to the pinion through the elastic pin coupling, and drives the large ring gear transmission to realize the operation of the ball mill.

During operation, if it is found that the pinion and its base vibrate violently, it is mostly because the pinion and the anchor bolt are far away.
The lack of a fixed point in the middle makes the amplitude of the middle part of the pinion base larger, and the frequent vibration will cause the pinion to wear seriously.

Replace the pinion gear of the ball mill again, and add 2 anchor bolts on the inner side of the pinion gear and the meshing side of the large gear, and re-strengthen the base.

After the operation, the foundation should be cleaned first, and the levelness, elevation, and position and height of the anchor bolts should be checked.
Drill diameter holes (the size of the pore should be determined according to the size of the ball mill), place the anchor bolts, and grouting and pouring. After solidification, use a wedge iron for preliminary alignment.
Then adjust the gap between the pinion and the girth gear, align the pinion by adjusting the height of the wedge iron, and then carry out secondary grouting, retain the half-coupling at the motor end, survey the pinion shaft, redesign and make a small Gear end half coupling.

Because of the interference fit between the pinion end coupling and the shaft, shrink fit is required.
First make a test bar that is larger than the size of the upper line of the shaft, fix the pinion shaft first, and then heat the half-coupling shaft hole. When the test bar can completely pass through the half-coupling shaft hole, it can be assembled. .

Put the pinion shaft and bearing into the bearing seat, and adjust the tooth top clearance and tooth side clearance between the pinion gear and the large gear.
Then the gap between the base and the ground is grouted for a second time, and the trial operation is carried out after solidification.
It is suggested that if you want to reduce the vibration failure of the ball mill pinion, you can install the ball mill according to this method.

Girth Gear And Pinion

Through the technical guidance of AGICO CEMENT CHINA engineers, India Cement Company solved the related faults of Girth Gear And Pinion, and formed a long-term cooperative relationship with AGICO, and introduced more local cement manufacturers in India to .

2. The large ring gear of the ball mill is cracked

After the ball mill runs for a long time, if the vibration of the body suddenly intensifies and the noise becomes louder, it is most likely that the ball mill has serious cracks.

When there is a slight crack in the large ring gear of the ball mill, it should be remedied at any time. Otherwise, it will appear in the case of long-term heavy-load operation, which is a fatigue crack.

a. If other parts of the large ring gear are in good condition, only serious cracks appear locally, and local repairs can be performed.
Before repairing, it is necessary to unload all the steel balls and materials in the barrel of the ball mill, and then loosen the bolts of the large ring gear.
Find the crack part, and use two steel plates with the same size as the crack at both ends of the large gear for vertical welding.
b. If the large gear is severely cracked or even broken, it needs to be removed and a new large gear should be installed.


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