Girth Gear

Girth Gear is one of the main components of rotary kiln, ball mill and other equipment. Among them, the large ring gear of the rotary kiln is a key component of the rotary kiln transmission device. Its installation quality directly affects the stability of the rotary kiln transmission system, the stability of the rotary kiln operation, the service life of the kiln lining and the operation of the rotary kiln. Therefore, the quality of the large ring gear is very high in actual production.

The processing and manufacturing of the large ring gear requires meticulous processing, and every step needs to be refined. The requirements for the running-in degree of the ring gear are very high.

Girth Gear

Processing advantage
1. Unique heat treatment technology improves wear resistance

Cast Steel has rich experience in the production of large-scale kiln grinding. The large ring gear adopts a unique heat treatment technology in the casting, which optimizes the structure of the ring gear, improves the hardness, and greatly improves the wear resistance and impact resistance.

2. High-strength steel ensures service life

Cast steel is made of high-quality high-strength steel for ring gear casting, and the transmission characteristics of the rotary kiln and ball mill have been strongly optimized. On the premise of ensuring the smoothness of the transmission of the equipment, the bearing capacity of the equipment and the extension of the equipment are also improved. service life.

Ball stick mill Girth Gear is a two-half split gear ring, which is fixed on the discharge end flange with bolts after the whole rest.
Due to the relatively large size of the large ring gear of the long cylindrical ball mill, the outer diameter is $5500mm.
Due to manufacturing difficulties, it is generally made into two halves.
When assembling the vertical parts of the ball mill barrel, use M64 screws to connect and tighten, so that the two half ring gears form a whole gear ring.


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