Kiln Girth Gear Material

Kiln Girth Gear Materials include steel, stainless steel, grey cast iron, brass, bronze, cast iron, heat treated steel, tool steel, ductile iron, copper and aluminum.

Bhutan Cement introduces reasons for increased wear of Kiln Girth Gear Material in cement plant

Kiln Girth Gear Material

If the maintenance and maintenance of the rotary kiln in the cement plant are not in place, it will cause the rotary kiln to operate under harsh conditions for a long time.
Kiln Girth Gear Material will age over time, especially in work environments with high levels of dust particles.

The operation of the Kiln Girth Gear in the oil-starved or oil-free state will cause dry friction, which also increases the wear of the large gear.


Ensure the selection of lubricating oil

Proper use of lubricating oil is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the large gear of the mining ball mill, and has the effect of noise reduction and wear reduction.
If the lubricating viscosity of Kiln Girth Gear is insufficient, it will be difficult to form an oil film, which will increase the wear degree of the large gear and affect the service life.
Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically and rationally select the type and lubrication method of the mining ball mill lubricating oil.

Lubricant Type Selection

When choosing a Kiln Girth Gear lubricant, we need to pay special attention to lubricant viscosity and oiliness.
Common types of Kiln Girth Gear lubricants include oils, greases, and solid lubricants.

Most concentrators often use lubricating oil for Kiln Girth Gear anti-wear, the lubricating oil mentioned here can be subdivided into gear oil and mechanical oil
Among them, gear oil has high viscosity, good oiliness, and contains more polar substances, which is more likely to form an oil film in the transmission process of Kiln Girth Gear, so the application range of gear oil is also wider.

Bhutan Cement Company is sourcing Kiln Girth Gear Material from AGICO CEMENT CHINA and introduce to more cement manufacturing companies in Asia.

Lubrication method selection

The lubrication methods of Kiln Girth Gear mainly include manual lubrication, oil pool lubrication, drip lubrication and jet lubrication.

Compared with other lubrication methods, Kiln Girth Gear adopts a large and small ring gear spray lubrication system to ensure that the dry oil atomizer periodically sprays a quantitative amount of grease to the gear working surface.
In order to achieve lubrication and reduce gear wear, its lubricant effect far exceeds that of ordinary lubrication methods, and it adopts visual PLC control.
It can maintain basic parameters, control the amount of each injection and display the working process. This lubrication method is more in line with the needs of modern dressing plants and has gradually replaced other lubrication methods.
In the production process, Kiln Girth Gear operators must strictly abide by the equipment use, maintenance procedures and lubrication system, and must observe the oil level frequently, refuel regularly, and clean and change the oil regularly.


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