Lime Grinder Roll

Lime Grinder Roll is the core component of the vertical mill, and the wear resistance of the vertical grinding roller naturally also affects the working efficiency of the vertical mill.
Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve the service life of vertical grinding rollers, expand the scope of application and improve the quality of vertical grinding rollers.

Lime Grinder Roll

Grinder Roll was not widely accepted from the beginning. In the early days, cement grinding rollers and grinding disc linings had serious wear problems. To solve the wear problems, surfacing repair methods were generally used to maintain the production needs of vertical mills.
Simple surfacing welding can solve the production needs of the roll skin in time, but the surfacing welding is easy to fall off, and the use of surfacing welding will also cause excessive wear of the liner, resulting in a short service life.
Since cement affects the long-term production of grinding rollers, solving the problem of excessive wear of grinding rollers is already the primary task that needs innovation.

In order to increase the application range and improve the performance and quality of the castings, the service life of the Lime Grinder Roll is further extended.
AGICO CEMENT adopts the metal mold casting process, which can not only improve the productivity of castings, but also improve the yield of the process to reduce production costs.
The cement grinding roller produced by metal cold casting not only achieves stable quality, standard size, high finish and easy grinding, but also allows the company’s cement grinding roller to be successfully applied to vertical mills in the cement industry in the Middle East.

Limestone Grinder Roll adopts the metal mold casting process, which improves the productivity of castings, and also improves the yield of the process, so as to reduce the production cost.
The vertical grinding roller produced by metal cold casting has the advantages of stable quality, guaranteed external size, high smoothness and easy grinding.
To ensure the performance of high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron vertical grinding rollers, it is crucial to grasp the details of casting composition selection, casting process design, and quality control.
In this field, AGICO has its own R&D team specializing in the production of high-chromium roller sleeves for many years. Through continuous exploration and continuous advancement, AGICO has formed a set of its own process system, making the vertical grinding rollers produced by our company successful. applications in vertical mills in Middle East cement plants.
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