Mill Gear

Mill Gear is the core part of the transmission of the ball mill.
In order to meet the requirements of future equipment for large ring gears, high power and long life, some castings of large ring gears now use forged welding structures.
The ring gear rim is forged with high-quality alloy, and the heat treatment hardness reaches more than HB300, which doubles the service life of the existing cast ring gear, significantly reduces the comprehensive cost, and reduces the maintenance and replacement time.

Mill Gear

I believe that many people have a better understanding of what Ball Mill Girth Gear is. In fact, it is a kind of workpiece that is inseparable from many mechanical equipment. The quality of the production process completely affects the use of mechanical equipment.
Moreover, the quality of installation during the installation process will also affect the effect of subsequent use. Now many manufacturers will test each process during production to ensure that the performance of the workpiece meets the relevant domestic standards. Then we will explain it to you. Let’s take a look at the process of installing the large ring gear.

All accessories in the mechanical equipment need to be stable, so when installing the large ring gear, it should not be too loose, otherwise it will fail frequently during use.
And the front of the workpiece needs to have a certain degree of smoothness and flatness, so that it can operate effectively without abnormal sound.
In the process of use, the quality of operation also depends entirely on the role of lubrication. If there is no lubrication, it will generate heat, and it will also cause damage to the workpiece. In serious cases, equipment damage will occur.

The forging and welding structure adopts the common advantages of welding and forgings. Compared with castings, it reduces process and casting defects (such as wood mold, sand mold, trachoma, cracks, etc.).
The forged-welded structure has the characteristics of high-density grains of forgings, so it has high mechanical properties and strength, and can withstand large shocks and large loads.
At the same time, it has the characteristics of the integrity and connectivity of the welded parts, which increases the service life and reduces the cost.

Therefore, large workpieces such as Mill Gear will be replaced by forging and welding structures to improve the manufacturability and mechanical properties to meet the future trend of social needs.


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