Mill Girth Gear

Mill Girth Gear

Mill Girth Gear is installed on the end cover of the ball mill. Generally, it is divided into three types: whole gear ring, half gear ring and quarter gear.

The role of Ball Mill Girth Gear

Through the torque transmission between the pinion gear and the big gear, the rotation of the mill barrel is realized, so as to grind the material.

Mill Girth Gear

Precautions for use of Ball Mill Girth Gear

1. After installing the large gear, you need to test the concentricity on the circumference of the large gear.
2. The lubricating oil film of the large gear and the pinion must be guaranteed.
3. Adjust the fit clearance of the pinion according to the wear degree of the large gear.
4. It is forbidden for the large gear to have over-iron phenomenon.

Ball Mill Girth Gear will have the following malfunctions during use

1. The tooth surface is seriously worn, and the ball mill has noise and vibration during operation.
The wear can be divided into two states: one-side tooth surface wear and two-side tooth surface wear.

2. The gear teeth are broken, abnormal noise occurs and the gear meshing is unstable.

3. Cracks or fractures appear on the edge or ribs of the large gear ring.
In addition, there are faults such as excessive radial runout error or excessive end face swing error and breakage of the counterpart bolt.

Analysis of Failure Causes of Ball Mill Girth Gear
The edge transmission ball mill is generally composed of two half-gear rings, which is easy to fold and assemble.
The number of teeth of the ring gear is even, so that the two halves of the ring gear are accurately matched between the teeth, and the ring gear is usually fixed to the cylinder body or end cover flange with bolts.
During the operation of the ball mill, due to material fatigue, material defects, loose connecting bolts, nut falling off, large end face swing error, large radial runout error, large load or dust adhered to various parts of the large ring gear, and gear lubrication is not effective. Good, unbalanced meshing of large and small gears, etc., will lead to premature wear of the tooth surface of the large ring gear, severe wear, broken teeth, cracks on the edge of the rim or rib, or even breakage.

Installation steps for Mill Girth Gear

1. Do a good job in cleaning the large gear of the mill, and use the lubricating oil with anti-rust function to do a comprehensive wipe to ensure that the surface of the product is not easily oxidized.

2. Check the overall quality of the large gear, for example, the smoothness of the tooth surface, whether there are cracks, burrs or other loose conditions.

3. For the inspection of bolt holes and flanges, check the rust condition, whether the hole diameter and the number of holes are the same, and the corresponding error is controlled within a reasonable range.

4. Before installation, it is necessary to detect the shaking of the radial shaft connected to the barrel and make a detailed record.

5. The order of installation should be to install half a circle first, record the number of points and the corresponding hole points, and add lubricating oil to the axis of rotation.

6. Use bolts for each half-circle, install the bolts after the two ring gears are installed, and tighten the bolts.