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China Casting Slag Pot Manufacturer – AGICO

As a professional manufacturer of cast slag pots in China, HENAN KINGMAN M&E COMPLETE PLANT CO., LTD believes that the most important thing for slag pot manufacturers to improve sales and expand sales is to build quality. To build a product brand, we must have the spirit of craftsmanship, and we need to work hard…
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Some Situations That Affect The Service Life of The Slag Pots

As one of the important metallurgical containers, the slag pot plays an important role in steelmaking. The stress accumulated in the cast steel slag pot during the casting process and the harsh conditions faced during the use process have a great influence on the life of the slag pot.     The influence of abnormal…
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Problems and Countermeasures in The Casting Process of Cement Plant Raw Mill Girth Gear

As we all know, the girth gear is the key part of the cement plant raw mill. The large ring gear needs to drive the entire cylinder to run for a long time. Therefore, the girth gear has higher requirements on mechanical properties, dimensional tolerances, surface quality, and internal quality. As a professional girth gear…
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