Ball mill bearing

Bearing Housing

Bearing Housing is an important part of ball mill, vertical mill, rotary kiln, rolling mill, etc. Its quality directly affects production efficiency and safe operation of equipment.

Bearing Housing

Product advantages

1. Bearing Housing is made of high-quality steel ZG35, ZG45, with high hardness, strong wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, long continuous working time, good stability and long service life.
2. Bearing seat is equipped with an oil level observation scale, so that the staff can observe the oil level and replenish oil in time to prevent accidental damage caused by insufficient oil lubrication.
3. The CHAENG bearing seat is lubricated with thin oil to minimize the friction coefficient of the bearing. Therefore, the energy saving effect is good, the working temperature is much lower than that of dry oil, and the service life of the bearing is prolonged.
4. The manufacturing route is governed by the provisions of the implemented quality system ISO 9001:2015.

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