Boiler Steam Header for Cement Plant

Boiler Steam Header is for superheater or any other heat exchangers in cement plant.

Boiler Steam Header

Key Specifications / Features

Boiler Steam Header is also called the boiler manifold header. Boiler steam headers are the component of water-cooled walls, economizers, superheaters. So, there are water-cooled wall headers, economizer headers, and superheater headers. The function of boiler header is to collect or distribute the steam-water working medium, reduce the conveying connection pipe of the working medium and the number of opening holes of the boiler barrel. Boiler headers can improve the safety performance of the boiler barrel. The lower boiler header located on the water cooling wall close to the fire grate on the two sides of the furnace functions to prevent coking on both sides of the grate.

The boiler steam header is actually a large diameter pipe connected with a lot of finned tubes. It is made of seamless steel pipe and welded flat head (end cover) at both ends. There are many pipe holes on the header body for welding or expanding joint for finned tubes. Both ends of the economizer finned tubes and the superheater finned tubes are connected to the boiler steam header. The lower end of the water cooling wall is connected to the boiler header and the upper end can be connected to the boiler header and then a few finned tubes from the collector box are connected to the boiler barrel or the upper end of the water cooling wall finned tubes can be directly connected to the boiler barrel.


  • Long Service Life
  • High Accuracy Manufacturing
  • Internal Clean


Widely used in water-cooled walls, economizer, and superheater and any other heat exchangers.


Size range and machining accuracy of Boiler Headers

OD(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)Length(Meter)Surface RoughnessEnd Distance(mm)Weight(T/Set)
of Borehole
φ140-φ800mmUp to 250mm1~18 ≤12.5μm403
Dimensional accuracy of drillingLongitudinal center distance deviation of adjacent pipe holesDepth tolerance of basin bore
 IT11-IT12      ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
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