Cement Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator for Cement

Bucket elevator is a kind of mechanism purpose in lifting bulk material (such as ore, coal, cement, cement clinker, grain, fertilizer, etc) vertically from bottom to a special height.

Bucket Elevator

KCNE Series Plate Chain Bucket Elevator

KCNE series plate chain bucket elevator with the features of great lifting ability, low drive power, wide range application, high lifting height, long service life, operation reliability. KCNE series plate chain bucket elevator is a plate chain and gravity induction unloading lifting device with advanced design principle reliable running performance.

TypeCapacity(m3/h)Percentages(%) Maximum Size Material

KCNSE Series High-Speed ​​Plate Chain Bucket Elevator

KCNSE series high-speed plate chain bucket elevator is a new type of vertical lifting equipment, which is suitable for industrial lifting of various powdery and granular materials. There are 9 basic models of NSE series high-speed chain bucket elevator, which can meet the different requirements of end users: KCNSE100, KCNSE200, KCNSE300, KCNSE400, KCNSE500, KCNSE600, KCNSE700, KCNSE800, NSE1000. Each model chooses different lifting speeds according to different materials, the speed is less than 70m/min, and the maximum lifting height is 65m.

1. Large conveying capacity, up to 1.000 m³/h
2. High lift, up to 50 meters high
3. Widely used, powder and granular materials, temperature ≤ 200 ℃
4. Good sealing, low dust pollution
5. Long service life

KCTGD Chain Bucket Elevator

KCTGD belt bucket elevator is equipped with high-strength steel cord rubber belt, which overcomes the dynamic load generated by chain meshing transmission. Belt bucket elevators are lighter than chain bucket elevators and have a smooth lifting capacity, allowing for higher productivity at faster moving speeds. Due to the fast working speed and light weight, the tape can reduce the line load and the line load of the traction parts, thereby reducing the size and weight of the whole machine. At the same time, because the tape has good elasticity and flexibility, it has a damping effect when loading the hopper.

1. Large conveying capacity
2. Small size
3. Low power consumption
4. Stable and reliable operation
5. Long service life

ModelWidthTypeBucket Capacity(L)Speed of Belt (m/s)Capacity (m3/h)
Width (mm)
TGD315315Shallow Bucket7.371.36797285805652
Shallow Bucket10.13110999082
TGD400400Shallow Bucket11.91.36129116105
Shallow Bucket16.11157143131123
TGD500500Shallow Bucket18.651.36182166152143
Shallow Bucket25.29225206194180
TGD630630Shallow Bucket29.391.52292268252233
Shallow Bucket39.96384342309
TGD800800Shallow Bucket33.211.52403383330
Shallow Bucket43.74478435398375
TGD10001000Shallow Bucket50.351.89685622570537498
Shallow Bucket64.15793727684634
TGD12501250Shallow Bucket62.931.89856778713671622
Shallow Bucket80.18991909855793
TGD14001400Shallow Bucket70.491.89959872799752897
Shallow Bucket89.8111111018958888
TGD16001600Shallow Bucket80.561.891096996913859797
Shallow Bucket102.641269116310951015

KCZYL Series Chain Bucket Elevator

Lift various bulk materials such as ore, coal, cement, cement clinker, grain, fertilizer, etc.
Low power consumption, high efficiency, widely used in global industrial fields.

1. Large conveying capacity, 100-1.600 m³/h
2. High lift, up to 70 meters
3. Low power consumption
4. Stable and reliable operation
5. Long service life, up to 30,000 hours of trouble-free work
6. Easy to maintain

TypeSub TypeWidthBucket Capacity(L)Bucket DistanceChain Speed(m/s)Capacity (m3/h)Chain Speed(m/s)Capacity(m3/h)
ZYL280Single Chain and Bucket2808.9304.71.281001.42110
ZYL500Single Chain and Bucket60015.5304.71.281751.42195
ZYL630Single Chain and Bucket63019.5304.71.282201.42245
ZYL500DSingle Chain and Bucket50029355.61.683401.86380
ZYL600Single Chain and Bucket60035355.61.684401.86490
ZYL720Single Chain and Bucket72041.9355.61.685301.86590
ZYL800Single Chain and Bucket80046.6355.61.685901.86660
ZYL900Single Chain and Bucket90052.4355.61.686701.86740
ZYL1000Single Chain and Bucket100058.2355.61.687401.86830
ZYL600*2Double Chain and Bucket60070355.61.688801.86980
ZYL720*2Double Chain and Bucket72083.8355.61.6810601.861180
ZYL800*2Double Chain and Bucket80093.2355.61.6811801.861320
ZYL900*2Double Chain and Bucket900104.8355.61.6813401.861480
ZYL1000*2Double Chain and Bucket1000116.4355.61.6814801.861660
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