Cement Mill Separator

Cement Mill Separator

Cement Mill Separator is a dry gas-solid separation equipment that uses the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the gas-solid mixture to separate the dust from the airflow.

Cement Mill Separator

Main spare parts of powder separator
Main shaft, main bearing, main fan, fan blade, distribution plate, distribution plate, wear plate

Product Advantages of Cement Mill Separator

1. Under the action of the inertia centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the dispersion plate, the agglomerated particles of the material powder are scattered when they are hit by the buffer baffle. When the material powder enters the classification zone, the material is secondary dispersed by the eddy current shear force. This is why the material disperses well and creates the conditions for efficient powder sorting.
2. Materials repeatedly pass through the boundaries of multiple grading areas from top to bottom to achieve accurate and optimal grading.
3. The finished products are collected by the high-efficiency dust removal equipment of the system, which not only improves the powder selection efficiency, but also improves the ventilation of the mill while increasing the output.
4. The material is classified by the balance force of inertia centrifugal force and airflow centripetal force. The operation is relatively simple, because after the air volume of the fan is determined, the critical separation particle size of the product can be changed only by changing the rotation speed of the powder separator.
5. The new volute type lower cone can effectively carry the fine powder falling into the classification surface in the hopper, and the classification efficiency can be increased by 5%-10%.
6. Since the dust-containing gas does not affect the powder selection efficiency, the air source of the powder separator can be inhaled from the dust point, which is beneficial to the purification of the workshop environment.
7. The machine is small in size, the blade wear is small, and the maintenance is simple.

Parameters of of Cement Mill Separator

ModelCapacity(t/h)Air volume(m³ /h)Maximum Feed Rate(t/h)Power(kV)
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