Cement Plant Heat Exchanger

Cement Plant Heat Exchanger supplier in China offers custom heat exchanger, tube plate heat exchanger, U-tube, shell & tube heat exchanger.

Cement Plant Heat Exchanger

Key Specifications / Features

Cement Plant Heat Exchanger is a device designed to efficiently transfer or “exchange” heat from one medium to another. KINGMAN offers shell and tube heat exchanger and U-tube heat exchangers.

The U-tube heat exchanger is a kind of shell and tube heat exchanger in which the U-shaped tubes of different radius of the curved tube composed as a tube bundle and both ends of the tube are fixed on the same tube plate. Since each single U-shaped tube is free to expand and contract, no temperature difference stress is generated between the tube bundle and the housing. The longitudinal baffles partitions fixed by tie rod are arranged in the shell which is a rectangular plate mounted parallel to the direction of the heat transfer tubes to increase the flow rate of the shell side media. Its structure is more complex than a fixed tube plate heat exchanger but simpler than a floating head heat exchanger.

The fixed tube plate heat exchanger is also a kind of shell and tube heat exchanger in which the tube plate at both ends of the tube bundle are fixedly connected to the shell by welding. After the tube plate is welded to the housing, it can also serve as a flange and is bolted to the tube flange. The advantage is that the structure is simple and the required inner diameter of the casing is minimized under the condition of ensuring an equal heat transfer surface. The disadvantage is that when the temperature difference between the shell and the tube medium is large, a large thermal stress is generated which may cause the tube to be broken at the joint of the tube plate and causing leakage or tube instability, and the inspection and shell cleaning are also inconvenient.


  • Compact structure and small body shape, which saves the land area and building height of the station house (the floor space is about 1/2 of the general shell-and-tube heat exchanger, and the height can be reduced by 30-40%).
  • Construction investment saving, easy to design, easy to operate.
  • Good heat exchange performance, Low-temperature heat medium outlet, high heat energy utilization rate, good energy saving effect.
  • High heat transfer coefficient which saving heat transfer area. The heat transfer coefficient (K value) of the steam-water heat exchanger is about twice as large as the actual heat transfer coefficient of the plate-type steam-water heat exchanger, and the heat exchange area can be reduced by 40- 60%.
  • Good hydraulic characteristics, low flow resistance of the heat medium and the heated water.
  • No leakage, no need to install steam traps, simple piping system.
  • The spacing between the tubes of the U-tube steam-water heat exchanger is larger than the tubes space of the general shell-and-tube heat exchanger, and the size and weight of each heat-exchange unit are small which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.


U-tube heat exchanger has a simple structure, low price and strong pressure bearing capacity. It is suitable for occasions where the temperature difference between the tube and the shell wall is large or the shell-side medium is easy to scale, and it is not suitable for floating head type and fixed tube plate type. It is especially suitable for high temperature, high pressure and corrosive materials that are clean and not easy to scale inside the pipe.


Nominal DiameterNumber of Tube Passes(N)Tube Quantity(N)Heat Exchanging Area(m2)
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