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Central cone blending silo

Central Cone Blending Silo for Cement Plant

Central cone blending silo uses continuous homogenizing technology, and is equipped with an additional homogenizing silo outside central cone silo.
A big cone is designed and installed in the bottom of IBAU silo, so raw material inside silo can slip to the silo bottom.

Central cone blending silo
Annulus space of the bottom silo is divided into six aerating zones and circular room on the bottom silo is divided into six aerating zones that are inclined at 10° to the silo center, and each zone is equipped with a variety of aeration pads. Raw materials are conveyed to one radial aerating path when processing aerating or discharging, and then are conveyed to center mixing silo by air slide conveyor equipped at the below position of silo.
During the discharging process, a mixing effect of gravity formed from different horizontal material layer vertically produced by materials falling down and a further homogenization in the mixing silo is done for materials with continuously pneumatic blending.
The homogenizing value can reach the range of 6-8 and electricity consumption is 0.1-0.2kwh/t of raw material.

• First Class Quality
• Reliable Performance
• Quiet
• Easy Maintenance
• Good Homogenizing Effect

Paremeters of Central Cone Blending Silo for Cement Plant

SR.#EquipmentSpecification and TypeQuantity
1NBS Plate Chain Bucket Elevator1 Set
2Overflow Type Raw Material DistributorФ1250mm,a=6°
3Airslidea=6°2 Units
4Pulse Valve Type Bag Filter1 Set
5Fan9-26 No.8D6 Units
6Electrical Butterfly ValveDN=5508 Units
7Valves for Bag Filter Pipe System220 Units
8Aerationn Pads and Pipe System1 Set
9Spiral DamperB2006 Units
10Pneumatic On-Off ValveB2006 Units
11Electrical Material Flow Control ValveB2006 Units
12AirslideXZ200x1300mm,a=6°6 Sets
13Raw Material Measurable Feeder1 Set
14Spiral DamperB2502 Sets
15Pneumatic On-Off ValveB2502 Sets
16Electrical Material Flow Control ValveB2502 Sets
17AirslideXZ250x700mm,a=6°2 Units
18Solid FlowmeterDLM1 Set
19Bag FilterFHW-III1 Set
20Silo Bottom Bag Filter Manual Control ValveФ3002 Sets
21Roots BlowerJRD-1253 Sets
22Pressure Relief Valve14 Units
23Solenoid Valve14 Units
24Manual Stop ValveФ15014 Units
25Axial Flow Fan1 Set
26Belt ConveyorDTSB500mm1 Set
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