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Circular Homogenizing System with Stacker and Reclaimer

Circular Homogenizing System with Stacker and Reclaimer

Circular Homogenizing System and Bridge Scraper Reclaimer is a kind of premixing equipment, which is widely used for stacking and recycling of limestone, coal and other bulk materials.
Mainly used in building materials industry, coal industry, metallurgical industry, power plant, port and other industries to homogenize, store and transfer bulk materials, usually in indoor or outdoor storage yards.
The PLC program controls all the movements of the stacker-reclaimer.
The herringbone stacking method can be realized by the program reciprocating motion of the machine’s luffing and variable-speed stacking.

Circular Homogenizing System

Basic Structure

The circular homogeneous stacker and bridge scraper reclaimer are mainly composed of cantilever stacking system, bridge scraper reclaimer system, rake system, central column mechanism, slewing mechanism, lubrication system, control room, etc.

Parameters of Circular Homogenizing System

Conveying Material limestone, coal, auxiliary material
Capacity 1.45t/m3, 0.85t/m3, 1.2t/m3
Stacking Ability 50t/h,100t/h,150t/h,200t/h,250t/h,300t/h,400t/h,500t/h,750t/h,1000t/h,1200t/h,1500t/h,1800t/h,2000t/h
Circular Storage Yard Diameter 50m,60m,80m,90m,100m,110m,120m,150m
Stack Turning Speed 0.01r/min
Luffing Speed 0.3m/min~0.6m/min
Material Taking Speed 0.004~0.04m/min
Walking Speed 10.5m/min
Scarper Speed 0.5m/s
 Rake Speed 10m/min
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