Custom Slide Gate Valve for Transporting Bulk Materials

Transporting Bulk Materials – Custom Slide Gate Valve

Custom Slide Gate Valve supplier in China provides custom slide gate valve for transporting or cutting bulk materials such as powder, granular materials.

Custom Slide Gate Valve for Transporting Bulk Materials

Key Specifications / Features
Slide gate valve is kind of control or shut-off devices for powdery, granular materials, gas transporting or conveying system.
Slide gate valve is widely used in the silo top, silo bottom and material inlet and outlet of material handling in heavy industry, such as metallurgy, mining, building materials, grain, chemicaland other industries. It is an ideal equipment, a large flow changes material controller, frequent opening and shut-off device, and rapid cutting equipment.

The following types of gate valves for different choices
• Manual Screw Operated Slide Gate Valve
• Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve
• Electric/Motorized Slide Gate Valve
• Hydraulic Slide Gate Valve
• Manual Rod Gate Valve
• Jaw Gate Valve with Motor/Pneumatic/Hydraulic Operator

Features & Benefits of Custom Slide Gate Valve
• Simple Structure
• Excellent Sealing Performance
• Low Resistance Loss
• Fast Cutting and No Jamming
• Easy Maintenance and Easy Operation
• Convenient Maintenance
• No Deformation
• Long Service Life
• Low Noise and Low Energy Consumption

Material flow and gas flow controlling or fast opening and shutting off

Nominal PressureMedia Flow RateProper TemperatureProper TemperatureApplicable Medium
Dust Gas
Solid Powder
Crystal Material
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