Fiberglass Filter Bag for Cement Plant

Fiberglass Filter Bag for cement plant, high temperature & corrosion resistance, easy dust cleaning.

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Fiberglass Filter Bag

Key Specifications / Features

Fiberglass is an inorganic fiber which is obtained by drawing fiberglass silk from a glass molten state when melting a glass frit at a temperature of 1300 to 1600 °C and rapidly quenching. The density of fiberglass silk is 2.54 g/cm3, and the tensile strength of the raw yarn is 160 to 275 kg/mm2. Glass silk can be divided into A glass, C glass, E glass, and S glass according to the composition. The most prominent features of fiberglass are high-temperature resistance, good dimensional stability and high tensile strength at break. In terms of chemical resistance, fiberglass is stable to other media except for hydrofluoric acid and high-temperature alkali. The disadvantage of fiberglass is that it has poor folding resistance and is generally not used on an oscillating or pulse system.

KINGMAN offers fiberglass filter cloth filter bag and fiberglass needled felt filter bags to the global market. Fiberglass Filter Cloth Filter Bag with the advantages of high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, extremely small elongation and contraction rate and high strength.

Fiberglass Needled Felt Filter Bags has more advantages with its three-dimensional microporous structure than Fiberglass cloth filter bags, such as high porosity and low resistance used in high-speed, high-efficiency,high-temperature gas filtration working condition. Compared with other high-temperature resistant fiber felts, it has special advantages such as low price and high-temperature resistance. However, its running resistance is higher than other general chemical fiber high-temperature filter materials, and the filtration precision is slightly lower.


  • High-Temperature Resistance, long service period with temperature<280℃
  • Strong Corrosion Resistance
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • No Shrinkage at 280℃
  • Good Chemical Stability, Acid and Alkali Resistance
  • High Tensile Breaking Strength
  • Easy Dust Cleaning


Fiberglass filter bag can be widely used in high-temperature flue gas filtration of various industrial furnaces such as chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation and cement. It is suitable for various bag filters such as pulse cleaning and high-speed blowback cleaning.


Filter MaterialWeight (g/m2)Structure
(Fiber layer\Scrim)
Thickness(mm)Air permeability
Tensile strengthTensile elongation (%) (@200N/5cm)Temperature (℃)Burst Strength
Finishing Treatment
WarpWeftWarpWeftWorkShort Time
CWF 300315Tweed Weave0.30±0.03210~3201176980<5%<5%260280650Graphite/Silicone Oil/PTFE Coating
CWF 400420Tweed Weave0.40±0.04240~36014501110<5%<5%260280760
CWF 500540Satin Weave0.50±0.05280~39017641470<5%<5%260280870
CWF 600620Satin Weave0.60±0.06260~38018201560<5%<5%2602801020
EWF 300315Tweed Weave0.30±0.03180~32019801560<5%<5%260280700
EWF 400420Tweed Weave0.40±0.04160~30020801790<5%<5%260280820
EWF 500540Satin Weave0.50±0.05180~30022542205<5%<5%260280940
EWF 600620Satin Weave0.60±0.06190~31023802380<5%<5%2602801080
CWTF 500480Tweed Weave0.50±0.05220~33014201136<5%<5%260280780
CWTF 600620Tweed Weave0.60±0.06270~36016801280<5%<5%260280890
CWTF 700720Satin Weave0.70±0.07260~35018201500<5%<5%2602801070
CWTF 800820Satin Weave0.80±0.08250~34017861160<5%<5%2602801160
EWTF 500480Tweed Weave0.50±0.05250~36018001200<5%<5%260280820
EWTF 600620Tweed Weave0.60±0.06290~39519201426<5%<5%260280910
EWTF 700720Satin Weave0.70±0.07280~37021501620<5%<5%2602801110
EWTF 800820Satin Weave0.80±0.08260~36022401840<5%<5%2602801200
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