Polyphenylene Sulfite (PPS) Filter Bag for Cement Plant

Filter Bag for Cement Plant supplier offers custom Polyphenylene Sulfite (PPS) Filter Bag for Cement Plant, heat resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardation.

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Filter Bag for Cement Plant

Key Specifications / Features

Filter Bag for Cement Plant is a crystalline high-performance thermoplastic engineering fiber with heat resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardancy characteristics, and density 1.38 g/cm3, breaking strength 5.0 g/d, oxygen value 34.
PPS fiber filter bag can continuously work at 190℃, max working temperature up to 200℃ (accumulated working hour≤400 hours/year).
It is a kind of chemical-resistance and strong acid and alkali resistant fiber.
With its poor antioxidant ability, PPS fiber filter bag should be used in which the O2 content is less than 15% (Vol) and the NOX is less than 600 mg/Nm3.
PPS filter material has strong corrosion resistance and good dimensional stability and excellent performance in dust collection and cleaning.


  • High-Temperature Working Condition – working temperature ≤190℃, max (instant) working temperature ≤230℃
  • Strong Corrosion Resistance
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Good Chemical Stability, Acid and Alkali Resistance
  • Can Be Used in Sulfur Content Gas
  • Can Be Used in Moisture Content Gas


For municipal waste incinerators, utility boilers, coal-fired boilers, hospital incinerators, cogeneration boilers, etc. It can also be used to replace other synthetic fibers that cannot withstand high temperature or strong acid or alkali condition and fibers with no moisture resistance ability.

AGICO CEMENT can provide more cement plant bag filter.


FilterWeight (g/m2)StructureThicknessAir permeability (dm3/m2·s)Tensile strength   (N/5×20cm)Tensile elongation (%)Temperature (℃)Finishing Treatment
Fiber layer\Scrim(mm)WarpWeftWarpWeftWorkShort Time
Polyphenylene Sulfide Fiber(PPS)550PPS Fiber+PPS Filament Scrim Needled Felt2200>1200>1400<30<30190232Singeing, Calendering and PTFE treatment
>800PPS Fiber+Glass Fiber Scrim Needled Felt2133~250>2000>2000<10<10190232
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