Kiln Support Roller

Kiln Support Roller

Kiln Support Roller is an important component that carries the full weight of the kiln body, refractories and materials.
AGICO CEMENT has rich experience in the casting of rotary kilns, rotary kiln shell and mill accessories, and can provide high-quality idlers for rotary kilns and rotary dryers according to customers’ drawings and individual requirements.

Kiln Support Roller

Product Advantages of Kiln Support Roller

1. Use CAE software digital simulation technology to predict casting quality and optimize casting process.

2. Through the normalizing and tempering process, the surface hardness of the roller is higher than 200HB, which ensures the quality of the roller device of the rotary kiln.

3. The roller assembly of the long kiln adopts rolling bearings with high precision and simple structure.

4. The rollers of the long kiln are made of high-quality steel, with large bearing capacity and good continuous running performance.

5. We ensure quality through strict inspection system: chemical composition, mechanical properties, dimensional inspection, ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle testing (MT), penetrant testing (PT) and X-ray testing.

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