PE Filter Bag for Cement Plant

PE Filter Bag for cement plant, large void ratio, good gas permeability, long service life.

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PE Filter Bag

Key Specifications / Features

PE Filter Bag has the advantages of simple production process, fast production speed, low cost. Polyester filter bag is a kind of widely used filter bags which can work under 130℃. Polyester filter bags adopts the non-woven needle-punching process, it will be needle punched into felt after the polyester fiber is carded and laid on a fine fiber cloth with a staggered arrangement of fibers and uniform distribution of voids. The filter material has high strength, good elastic recovery performance, stable fabric size, good wear resistance, large void ratio, good gas permeability, long service life, good dust removal effect, good mechanical properties and resistance at normal temperature below 130 °C with the acid and alkali resistance ability. Due to the low price of polyester, polyester needled felt filter bags is a cost-effective filter media.


  • Three-dimensional fiber structure brings stable dust collecting effect and higher dust-collecting efficiency.
  • 70%~80% porosity brings good air permeability and low resistance.
  • Simple production process
  • Stable products quality
  • Fast production, high productivityand low product cost.


Pulverized Coal Powder in Steel Plant, Cement Plant, Coal Handling System in Power Plant, etc.


FilterWeight (g/m2)ThicknessAir permeability (m3/m2·min)Tensile StrengthTensile elongation (%)WorkingFinishing Treatment
(mm) (N/5×20cm)Temperature (℃)
Polyester+Plyester Staple Scrim4501.618≥900≥1200≤25≤45≤130Singeing, Calendering, Heating, Coating
POlyester+Plyester Filament Scrim4001.421≥1000≥1250≤25≤45≤130
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