Polyimide Filter Bag for Cement Plant

Polyimide Filter Bag for Cement Plant is made by polyimide fibers with good chemical resistance, for cement plant, asphalt plant, etc.

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Polyimide Filter Bag

Key Specifications / Features

Polyimide fiber, also named P84 fiber, is a remarkable ultrafine fiber with irregular fiber cross section.

It can greatly increase the filtration surface area of the fiber felt and provides a lot of minute pores to make a better surface filtration performance than the inner filtration of the filter felt.

Dust only stays on the surface of the Filter Bag for Cement Plant and cannot penetrate into the filter felt.
Therefore, the reverse cleaning pressure is light and the filtration efficiency of dust cake can be remarkably improved, and the fine dust collecting efficiency is excellent and the working pressure difference is small.


  • Significant High-Temperature Resistance, Max Operating Temperature Is 260℃ ;
  • Good Chemical Resistance, Great Performance in Waste Incineration Operations;
  • Low Dust Cleaning Pressure and High Filtration Efficiency.


Polyimide Filter Bag is used for Asphalt Plant, Cement Plant, Waste Incinerator, Liquid bed Boiler, Coal-Fired Boiler, etc.


FilterWeight (g/m2)StructureThicknessAir permeability (dm3/m2·s)Tensile StrengthTensile Elongation (%)WorkingFinishing Treatment
Fiber layer\Scrim(mm) (N/5×20cm)Temperature (℃)
Polyimide500Polyimide\Polyimide2.426660010002535260~280 PTFE Emulsion Steeping/PTFE Coating
Polyimide+Glass  Fiber500Polyimide\Glass  Fiber2.126618001900<10<10260~280
Polyimide+PTFE Fiber650Polyimide\PTFE Filament2.426690011001035260~280
Polyimide+PTFE Fiber+Glass Fiber800Polyimide\PTFE+Glass Fiber2.4166>1800>1800<10<10260~280
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