Pulse Jet Dust Collector for Dust Removing

Pulse Jet Dust Collector for Dust Removing

Pulse jet dust collector supplier in China provides for cement plant, filtration area 24-84 M2, air volume 1500-9000 M3/H.

Description:Model No.: KC-01 Hits: 24

Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Key Specifications / Features

The air inlet of the pulse jet dust collector is set on the sidewall of the hopper. The pre-dust collecting effects generated when the dust-containing gas first hits the baffle at the end of the air inlet pipe which located in the ash hopper from the air inlet. Due to the inertia, the coarse dust in the gas will directly fall into the ash hopper. The airflow firstly entering the ash bucket and then folded upwards through the filter bag supported by bag cage, and the dust is collected on the outer surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the clean room at the upper part of the filter bag chamber where the purified air is collected and discharged to the outlet pipe. The dust bag installed in the collector is designed and installed in rows and each row of dust bags processing the dust removal procedure is programmed when the pulse valve is functioned, high-pressure air is injected into the filter bag to remove dust from the surface of the filter bag.

  • The dust collector consists of four major parts, a housing, a filter bag assembly, a pulse valve cleaning device and a dust discharge device.
  • The housing part consists of an upper box, a middle body, an ash bucket and an air inlet and outlet.
  • The filter bag assembly is composed of a filter bag, bag holding plate and bag cages.
  • The pulse valve cleaning device consists of a gas bag, tank, blowing pipe, pulse valves, solenoid control valve and an electric control device.


  • Auto Pulse Jet Dust Removing Method
  • Filtration Area from 24㎡ to 84㎡, air volume from 1500m³/h to 9000m³/h
  • Good Dust Removing Effect
  • High Purification Efficiency
  • Large Processing Air Volume
  • Long Service Life
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Safe and Reliable Operation
  • Customized and Special Designed According to the Requirement of Endusers.


Pulse Jet Dust Collector is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemicals, mining and other industrial and non-fibrous industrial dust removal and bulk material recovery.


Technical Parameter of Pulse Jet Dust Collector

                                       Type PerformancePT32PT48PT64PT80PT96PT112
Working Air Quantity (m3/h)1500-21002100-32002900-43004000-60005200-70006000-9000
Filtration Area (m2)243648607284
Filtration Air Speed (m/min)1.00-1.501.00-1.501.00-1.501.10-1.701.20-1.701.20-1.80
Quantity of Filter Bag(Pcs)3248648096112
Inlet Air Temperature(℃)≤120℃
Air Pressure(Pa)≤1200
Inlet Dust Density(mg/m³)<200
Outlet Dust Density(mg/m³)≤50
Dust Removing Pressure(Pa)500000~700000
Dust Removing Power Consumption(kw/m³/min)
Bearing Negative Air Pressure(Pa)5000
Quantity of Pulse Valve (Pcs)468101214
Motor Power(KW)1.5335.55.57.5
Weight(Kg) with Hopper135016201850236028003200
Weight(Kg) with No Hopper122014701670215025402880
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