Reverse Pulse Dust Collector for Cement Plant

Reverse Pulse Dust Collector is a kind of advanced dust collector with high efficiency and technology for cement plant.

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Reverse Pulse Dust Collector

Key Specifications / Features

Reverse Pulse Dust Collector is a kind of advanced dust collector with high efficiency and technology. The dust collector combines the advantages from reverse blow type bag filter and pulse jet bag collector, overcome the disadvantage of insufficient reverse blowing pressure in reverse blow type bag filter and the disadvantages of bag filtration and pulse jet dust removing being proceeding simultaneously. Therefore, the dust collector has more application and with longer services life than other types of bag filter.

The dust collector is also a kind dust removal machine in heavy duty which is installed in the open air.
The filtration capacity can be designed and manufactured base on the number of filter bag chambers and the size offilter bags.
There are 32pcs, 64pcs, 96pcs and 128pcs filter bags per chamber with filter bag size φ133x2450mm or φ133x3060mm for the destination dust collecting purpose base on technical requirements from end users all over the world.
When the reverse pulse dust collector used in cold area with the ambient temperature below -25℃, the heat insulation layer should be installed along with the house shell of collector.

The major characteristic of dust collector is off line dust removal method.
The pulse jet dust removal system can be operated chamber by chamber.
The bag chamber which is proceeding the dust removal procedure can stop air filtering works while the other bags are still functional.
This is why the reverse pulse dust collector can handle the inlet dust content with more than 1000g/m³.


  • Heavy Duty – purifying the air with dust density more than 1000g/m³.
  • Good Dust Removing Effect.
  • High Purification Efficiency.
  • Large Processing Air Volume.
  • Long Service Life.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Safe and Reliable Operation.
  • Customized and Special Designed According to the Requirement of End Users.


The reverse pulse dust collector can be installed and used in crushing plant, bulk material packing, cement silo, clinker coolers and all kinds of mills.


Technical Parameter

                                        Type PerformancePPCS32-3PPCS64-4PPCS96-4PPCS128-6PPCS128-2×8PPCS128-2×14
Working Air Quantity (m3/h)6900178002680067300179400314000
Filtration Air Speed (m/min)1.2~2.0
Total Filtration Area (m2)9324837293524924362
Net Filtration Area(m2)6218627977923364516
Dust Collecting Chamber(Unit)34461628
Quantity of Filter Bag(Pcs)9625638476820483584
Air Resistance(Pa)1470~1770
Inlet Dust Density(g/m³)<200<1000<1300<1300<1300<1300
Outlet Dust Density(g/m³)<0.05
Negative Air Pressure(Pa)50006860
Dust Removing Pressure(Pa)(5~7)x100000
Air Consumption(m³/min)
Solenoid Valve Quantity(Pcs)344123256
Type of Solenoid Valve1½“2½“
Hoist Valve(Pcs) with Cylinder34461628
Type of Hoist Valve(mm)φ460 Valve Plate,φ63 Cylinderφ595 Valve Plate,φ100 Cylinderφ725 Valve Plate,φ100 Cylinder
Rotary FeederFlange 300x300mm.Reducer Power=1.1KWFlange=400x400mmFlange 300x300mm.Eletrical Double Flap Dump Valve 305×915
Reducer Power:1.5KW
Screw Conveyorφ300,30m³/hφ400,30m³/hφ300mm,21m³h
AirSlideAirslide and Screw Conveyor should be specially chosen when inlet density is more than 700g/m³
Filter Bagφ130x2450mm,Polyester Fiber Filter Bag, Weight=450g/㎡,Temperature=120℃
Insulation Layer Area26.570110125262352
Weight(About, not including insulation layer)240069008710201005000084000
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