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Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller

Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller

Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller is one of the key core components of a rotary kiln. Divided into ordinary thrust rollers and hydraulic thrust rollers. The Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller is mainly used to limit (ordinary thrust rollers) or control (hydraulic thrust rollers) the axial swing of the kiln body.

Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller

Product Advantages
1. Normalizing and tempering the thrust roller greatly improves the hardness and impact resistance of the thrust roller.

2. The advanced CAD/CAE/CAM computer system software is used for process design and optimization, which ensures the quality of the thrust roller.

3. Using high-quality cast steel material to produce high-quality thrust rollers with long service life.

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