Side Scraper Reclaimer for Cement Plant

Side Scraper Reclaimer for Cement Plant

Side Scraper Reclaimer for Cement Plant is the most economical solution for small open yards, with the advantage of being flexible and lightweight.
It runs on a track installed along the side of the yard and has a boom with double chain links and scrapers.
Side Scraper Reclaimer for Cement Plant is widely used in the material handling sector of heavy industrial production lines such as cement, coal, electric power, metallurgy, steel, chemical plants, etc.
Basic structure Side cantilever scraper reclaimer is mainly composed of walking beam, frame, winch system, scraper reclaimer system, trolley, lubrication system, rail system, control room, etc.

Side Scraper Reclaimer

Product advantages

1. Perfect homogenization
In the vertical mixing yard, different stacking processes can be used according to different working conditions. Continuous synthesis and stacking can be adopted to ensure the homogenization effect of the circular mixing field.

2. Reliability
2.1 Based on the experience and development in the production of stackers and reclaimers, we absorb international advanced technology to ensure advanced and reasonable technology and stable equipment.
2.2 Advanced production equipment and manufacturing processes, such as steel pretreatment lines, improve product quality and corrosion resistance, and large milling and boring machines improve the quality of large parts. Assembling program driven parts before machining of large structural parts We will test before delivery. The rotating parts are all integrated with processing molds.
2.3 Application of new materials, such as wear-resistant materials, composite materials.
2.4 Top quality accessories.
2.5 Soft start and variable frequency control reduce damage.
2.6 Saver Preset
2.7 Our factory’s advanced testing methods and QC system.

3. Progress
3.1 Fully automatic operation.
3.2 A variety of stacking and reclaiming methods are preset to meet different mixing plant conditions.
3.3 Advanced frequency conversion technology.

Taking MaterialCoal,Lime Stone,Auxiliary Material
Material Taking Capability50t/h,100t/h,150t/h,200t/h,250t/h,300t/h,400t/h,500t/h,750t/h,1000t/h,1200t/h,1500t/h,1800t/h,2000t/h
Cantilever length12m,14m,16m,18m,20m,22m,25m,28m,30m
Taking speed0.2~2m/min
Walking Speed10m/min
Rolling Speed2.42m/min~24.2m/min
Scarper Speed0.41m/s
Rail Gauge4m,5m
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