Synthetic Filter Bag for Cement Plant

Synthetic Filter Bag is an efficient dust filter material with good ventilation performance, high dust removal efficiency and certain heat resistance.

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Synthetic Filter Bag

Key Specifications / Features

Synthetic fiber is a high-performance fiber combination of ultrafine quality chemical fiber and glass fiber, stainless steel fiber and ceramic fiber.

Therefore, it is a composite high-temperature filter material series that achieves higher performance based on outstanding features and properties from those fibers which are combined as a unique synthetic fiber needled felt used in filter bag manufacturing.

The main series of synthetic fiber filter bag are as follows

  1. High Temperature Resistant Needle Felt Filter Felt Filter Bag
  2. Universal Needle-Punched Filter Felt Filter Bag
  3. Strong Acid Resistant Needled Filter Felt Filter Bag
  4. High Temperature Resistant Needle Felt Filter Felt Filter Bag
  5. Super Fine Surface High Temperature Resistant Needle Felt Filter Felt Filter Bag


  • High Mechanical Strength and Low Elongation
  • Good High Temperature Resistance, from 150℃~230℃
  • Good Wear Resistance and Strong Folding Resistance (more than several times of fiberglass fabric)
  • Good Chemical Corrosion Resistance
  • Acid Resistance and Alkali Resistance, Good Oxidation Resistance
  • Smooth Surface, Low Running Resistance, High Filtration Speed
  • Long Service Life and Low Price
  • Better Performance than Coated Glass Fiber Materials in Temperature Resistance, Filtration Wind Speed, Filtration Accuracy and Service Life.


  • Where the temperature is high and the temperature fluctuates greatly
  • Conditions with relatively high acidity and alkalinity and strong corrosiveness
  • High temperature fine dust filtration and valuable metal material recovery
  • The degree of bonding is high or the humidity is high, and the membrane filter material cannot be applied

The most suitable application areas are cement kiln (kiln head, kiln tail), blast furnace gas purification, iron alloy smelting furnace, garbage incinerator, power plant coal-fired boiler, etc.


Weight (g/m2)Thickness (mm)Air Permeability (dm3/m2·s)Tensile StrengthTensile ElongationWorking Temperature  (℃)Feature
≥8001.8133~20016001400<10<10200~300High-Temp Resistance
≥8001.8133~20018001600<10<10200~300Common Using
≥8001.8133~20016001400<10<10180~210Super Anti-Abrasion
≥8001.8133~20016001400<10<10130~250Garbage Incineration Special
≥8001.8133~20016001400<10<10200~300High-Temp Resistance
≥8001.8133~20016001400<10<10200~300Smelting Special
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