Raw Mill Grinder Roll

Raw Mill Grinder Roll and Grinding Ring are its main core components. When the equipment is used for a period of time, its wear and tear is inevitable, and we need to replace it in time to ensure the processing efficiency of the equipment.

Raw Mill Grinder Roll

1. Determine the model to replace the grinding roller and grinding ring

Only by using the matching model can the working efficiency of the Raymond mill be guaranteed, and the wear degree of the grinding roller and grinding ring can be reduced. The grinding ring of the Raymond mill is conical, which is generally hammered out by beating hard from the top. However, since there is not enough space in the grinding chamber of the equipment, it is necessary to use the method of gas cutting to divide the grinding ring into several sections. Thus, the waste grinding ring can be easily taken out.

2. Clean up the internal waste residue

When replacing the Raw Mill Grinder Roll, gas cutting cannot be used, so it needs to be hammered from bottom to top with a hammer. In some equipment, the sealing between the grinding roller and the grinding roller shaft is not good, which leads to the entry of dust, which causes the grinding roller and the grinding roller shaft to rust. When this phenomenon occurs, it can be baked with oxygen for five minutes, or the oil drops. Soak it in the gap for half an hour, so it is easy to disassemble.

3. When installing a new grinding roller, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning

After installation, it needs to be cleaned and sealed.

In the production of vertical pulverizers, users are troubled by the failure of the vertical pulverizer. Once the failure occurs, it means that the vertical pulverizer stops production, which directly affects our production efficiency. What are the reasons for the failure of the vertical mill, in order to solve the problem in the first time and reduce unnecessary losses.

What problems will be encountered in the production of vertical mills?

1. Wear of bearing chamber of vertical mill

The assembly requirements of vertical grinding roller bearings are relatively strict, and enterprises generally use the method of cooling the bearings in dry ice.
Once there is a gap between the bearing and the bearing chamber, it will affect the normal operation of the bearing, cause the bearing to heat up, and cause the bearing to sinter in severe cases.

Traditional repair welding, brush plating and other methods have certain disadvantages: repair welding will generate thermal stress and cause damage to the bearing material, and in severe cases, it will deform or even break.
Brush plating has heavy pollution, and the thickness of the coating is limited, so the application is greatly restricted.

2. The grinding roller body is worn

During the use of the vertical grinding roller body and the wear-resistant lining plate, due to the rolling pressure of the roller, the material support reaction force, and the frictional resistance between the material and the grinding roller lining plate.
The combined action of the shear stress of the grinding roller, the hydraulic system pressure of the roller mill and the apparent compressive stress of the vertical mill due to the material rolling into the angle all act on the effective rolling area of ​​the vertical grinding roller. Once there is a fitting gap, there will be an impact collision between the body and the lining, which will increase the wear between the body and the lining. In severe cases, the lining will crack or even break, causing the lining to fall off and damage the machine, especially the reducer. damage, resulting in a vicious event.


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