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Reasons and how to deal with excessive wear of vertical grinding roller

Grinding Roller is mainly used for ultra-fine stone processing. During the processing, the grinding roller and grinding ring are the parts that are easy to wear.
Although the ring roller mill manufacturers are constantly improving these wear-resistant parts, they still cannot meet the processing conditions for some high-hardness materials. Although the wear of the grinding rollers is normal, the phenomenon of premature wear will also occur, so it is necessary to find out the reasons. , and prescribe the right medicine.

Let’s first analyze the reasons for the excessive wear of the vertical grinding rollers

1) The installation is not carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures;

2) The inspection is not in place and the maintenance is not timely;

3) When replacing the roller skin, the surface treatment is not in place, the tightening torque is uneven or not in place;

4) There is a problem with the quality of the roll skin (such as: the cooperation with the roll body, the dimensional accuracy of the machined surface, etc.);

5) Failure to strictly follow the startup tightening requirements, etc.

6) The operating temperature of the equipment is high and unstable;

7) The material of the equipment is unknown and the coefficient of linear expansion cannot be obtained or calculated.

Grinding Roller manufacturer KINGMAN gives you an example
A cement enterprise vertical mill has a total of 3 grinding rollers, the diameter of the grinding roller is 1280mm, the length of the inclined surface is 120mm, and the wear width is 120mm. It was found that the two grinding rollers had wear problems, the wear depth of the 2# grinding roller was 2-8mm, and the wear depth of the 3# grinding roller was 1-5mm. If no repair measures are taken, the production of the enterprise will be seriously affected. In order not to delay the construction period, Soleil carbon nanopolymer material technology was selected for rapid processing. The material has excellent adhesion, compression resistance and high temperature resistance. It has been very mature in the application of vertical grinding roller wear repair, and has achieved good results.

The on-site treatment steps for vertical grinding roller wear are as follows

1. Grind the surface of the repaired part rough, and clean it with anhydrous ethanol;

2. The inside of the roller sleeve is cleaned with the inclined surface and wiped with SD7000 for backup;

4. Reconcile and evenly and densely scrape the carbon nano-polymer material on the repaired surface until it is smooth and free of pores and defects;

5. Install the roller sleeve to the predetermined position to ensure that there is excess material extruded on the repair surface;

6. After the material is cured, remove the roller sleeve to check the repaired surface;

7. Coat the material again and install the roller cover;

8. Install the wedge-shaped pressure block and tighten the bolts as required.


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