Sandstone Grinder Roll

Sandstone Grinder Roll will wear faster, and generally these two accessories have a certain service life. Users should write down the date of replacing the wear parts, and then shut down the grinding chamber every ten days and half a month to observe these wear parts. The wear and looseness of the abrasive parts should be solved in time if the fault is found.
The engineer of Libya Cement gave a detailed description of the maintenance method of the ultra-fine pulverizer.

Sandstone Grinder Roll

1. Most of the pulverizer series products developed by the company in recent years have adopted automation technology, and the ultra-fine pulverizer is no exception. The lubrication system and switching system of this machine can be automated through some facilities, but When lubricating the machine, the user should pay attention to the amount of lubricating oil in the lubricating system, whether the sealing function of the lubricating system is in good condition, and the temperature of the lubricating oil. Shut down in time to solve the problem to avoid more serious failures.

2. When the superfine mill is in normal use, a small overhaul is required every two months or so, and a major overhaul is required after more than one year of use. Of course, the overhaul work can be done by professional personnel.

3. Because the structure of the ultrafine pulverizer is a little more complicated, although its operation is relatively simple, we still recommend that the pulverizing manufacturer can recruit some operators with a certain level of professional operation technology to control the operation of the production line, because good operation It is an effective guarantee for the smooth progress of good grinding production.

4. When purchasing a pulverizer, the user can generally get a production and operation specification of the pulverizer from the purchasing company, and there will also be some machine maintenance precautions in the instructions. Troubleshooting measures.

5. When the ultra-fine pulverizer grinds ore, its wear-resistant parts, mainly Sandstone Grinder Roll and grinding rings, will wear faster, and generally these two kinds of accessories have a certain service life. Write down the date of replacing the wear-resistant parts, and then stop and open the grinding chamber every ten days and a half months to observe the wear and loosening of these wear-resistant parts, and solve the fault in time.

Engineers of Libya Cement Company purchase spare parts for cement equipment through, and are introducing spare parts of this brand to local cement plants in Libya.


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