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Silica Grinder Roller

Silica Grinder Roller is used in silica mill equipment, which is a device with less power consumption, mainly using centrifugal force to roll the grinding roller tightly on the grinding ring.

Over time, as the production cycle lengthens, damage to the grinding rollers and grinding rings does not affect the fineness and yield of the finished web. The Silica Pulverizer is a durable and non-abrasive silica pulverizer.

Silica Grinder Roller

The whole machine occupies a small area and saves more space than the ball mill. Moreover, during the grinding process, the airflow of the machine is circulated in the fan-grinding shell-cyclone separator-fan, which produces less industrial dust and noise, which is more in line with the requirements of environmentally friendly production.

High-pressure roller mill, also known as high-pressure micro-powder mill, is also a silica mill that produces fine powder.

The finished product processed by this equipment can reach about 500 mesh, and it can also produce 30-80 mesh coarse powder by adding special equipment according to the user’s requirements for the finished product.

A high-pressure spring with a pressure of 1000-1500 kg is fastened on the roller hanger in the main machine of the high-pressure roller mill.
When working, the Silica Grinder Roller rotates around the main shaft and rolls against the grinding ring under the action of high-pressure springs and centrifugal force. Its rolling pressure is 1.2 times higher than that of the ultra-fine grinding under the same power condition. After multi-layer pulverization and grinding, the material enters the classifier with the airflow of the fan for powder classification.
Under the action of the impeller of the classifier, the materials that do not meet the fineness requirements fall back to the grinding chamber for regrinding, which can ensure the mesh number and quality of the finished product and meet the customer’s high-quality requirements.

A complete silica grinding production line includes jaw crusher (if the particle size of the material is negligible in the mill), bucket elevator, electromagnetic feeder, mill host, classifier, dust collector, fan, powder Collectors, pipe fittings, etc.

The production line configuration of the silica mill is flexible and can be selected according to the production and mesh requirements of the treated silica.

Silica Grinding Production Line

Related uses of silica powder

Silica is crystal when it crystallizes perfectly
After silica gelation and dehydration, it is agate
When the colloid of silica water solidifies, it becomes opal
When the silica grains are smaller than a few microns, they form chalcedony, flint, and secondary quartzite.
Silica is a raw material for the manufacture of glass, quartz glass, water glass, optical fiber, important components of the electronic industry, optical instruments, handicrafts and refractory materials, and is an important material for scientific research.

Silica is used in the manufacture of flat glass, glass products, foundry sand, fiberglass, ceramic enamels, sandblasting for rust prevention, sand for filtration, fluxes, refractories, and in the manufacture of lightweight bubbled concrete.
Silica has many uses. Crystals, which are relatively rare in nature, can be used to manufacture important components in the electronics industry, optical instruments and handicrafts.

Silica is an important raw material for the manufacture of optical fibers. Generally purer quartz can be used to make quartz glass.
Quartz glass has a small expansion coefficient, equivalent to 1/18 of ordinary glass, can withstand drastic changes in temperature, and has good acid resistance (except HF).
Therefore, quartz glass is often used to manufacture high temperature resistant chemical instruments. Quartz sand is often used as glass raw material and building material.


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