Slag Grinder Roll

Slag Grinder Roll is one of the important parts of steel slag vertical mill, mainly used for crushing materials.

Material used: Cr20
Application: vertical mill grinding steel slag
Manufacturing process: metal mold casting

Slag Grinder Roll

Mainly used for grinding various materials, including
Pyrophyllite, limestone, raw coal, slag, gypsum stone, calcite, quartz stone and other materials are ground.
Widely used in vertical mills in cement industry, mining industry, metallurgical industry, electric power industry, glass fiber industry, building materials industry and many other industries.

When the steel slag feeding pipe falls to the center of the grinding disc, the grinding disc rotating at a constant speed will uniformly disperse and flatten the raw materials outward with the help of centrifugal force, so as to form a material bed with a certain thickness. crushed and crushed.

Under the continuous driving of centrifugal force, the material moves to the outer edge of the grinding plate continuously. The material leaving the grinding plate encounters the hot gas entering the mill through the air ring and rises with it, and enters the separator through the middle shell of the mill.

During this process, the material and the hot gas undergo sufficient heat exchange, and the water is quickly evaporated.
The powder separator controls the fineness of the finished products at the outlet of the roller mill. The particles larger than the specified size are separated and fall back to the grinding disc. The materials that meet the fineness requirements enter the finished product warehouse through the separator.

The process of making Slag Grinder Roll

First of all, it is necessary to design the cold type through the drawing engineer
Cold casting, mold opening, mold inspection and acceptance
Resin sand hand-shaped, with boxes waiting for pouring
The pouring is completed, cool down and wait for unpacking
Then unpack inspection (dimensional quality inspection, heat treatment quality inspection, processing quality inspection)
Then, after all inspections are passed, the final product is put into storage and waiting for delivery.


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