Slag Grinder Roller

Slag Grinder Roller is used for grinding process in the field of comprehensive utilization of industrial waste slag such as steel slag and slag
The processing of the material by the vertical mill is to grind the material from particle powder to micro powder. The fineness and output model of different vertical mills are different.
Today, I mainly talk about the grinding fineness of the vertical mill equipment is 200-1000 mesh. Compared with the ultrafine mill, the fineness of this type of vertical mill will be slightly coarser. With a daily output of more than 300 tons, it is generally used for material grinding of commercial concrete and cement mixture.

Slag Grinder Roller

Compared with other grinding equipment, the vertical mill with a daily output of more than 300 tons has the advantages of fast grinding table speed, high grinding efficiency, compact structure, simple operation and stable operation. It integrates grinding, drying, powder selection, and transportation.
Each Slag Grinder Roller is used to pressurize and pulverize the materials on the grinding disc relatively independently, and part of the grinding roller work can be performed. The output of the four-roll mill can reach 70% of the rated output when the two-roller works.

Main applications of vertical mill equipment with a daily output of more than 300 tons

In the cement industry, it is suitable for grinding cement raw meal, pulverized coal and cement clinker.

In building materials and metallurgical industries, it is suitable for grinding high-fine slag powder and high-fine steel slag powder.

In thermal power plants, it is suitable for the preparation of pulverized coal and the preparation of desulfurizer limestone powder

In metallurgy, chemical and mining industries, it is suitable for grinding various ores and other industrial solid materials, and the product fineness can be controlled between 100~1250 mesh (147~10um).

The diameter of the grinding disc of the vertical mill with a daily output of more than 300 tons is generally more than 3 meters.
The annual output is 200,000 tons, 300,000 tons, 450,000 tons, 600,000 tons and 1 million tons. According to the processing materials, it can be divided into slag vertical mill, steel slag vertical mill, cement vertical mill, raw material vertical mill, coal vertical mill Mills, etc., the specific selection can be comprehensively designed according to the annual or daily processing waste.


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