Ball mill liner

ball mill liner

ball mill lining Details

The ball mill lining, positioned within the ball mill barrel, safeguards the inner wall from the impact of materials and grinding media to prevent premature barrel damage. Custom-designed based on material type and grinding method, it varies in shape to adjust the movement of grinding media for diverse grinding objectives.
Various materials are used for ball mill liners, including high manganese steel, alloy steel, and rubber, each tailored to specific application requirements.

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Types Of Ball Mill Liners

Types Of Ball Mill Liners

Ball mill lining material

Ball mill linings are crafted from various materials, each offering distinct advantages tailored to different applications. High manganese steel, prized for its exceptional wear resistance and toughness, finds common use, especially in grinding abrasive materials. Alloy steel liners boast improved hardness and wear resistance, suitable for grinding high-hardness, abrasive materials. Rubber liners provide impact resistance, noise reduction, and corrosion resistance, ideal for high-speed operations or processing fragile materials. Composite liners blend materials like rubber and metal for enhanced wear and impact resistance. Ceramic liners, highly wear-resistant and chemically inert, excel in grinding abrasive or corrosive materials, withstanding high temperatures and offering superior wear resistance. The selection of liner material hinges on factors such as processed material type, operational conditions, desired performance attributes, and cost considerations.

mill liners replacement

Mill liner replacement is a crucial maintenance task to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the mill. The process typically involves the following steps:

Specification Of Ball Mill Liner

Product name

Ball Mill liner


ZG20Mn and other materials are avaliable








Crushing machine,ball grinding machine


According to drawing


Seaworthy packing

Delivery time




SizeHole Dia.(mm)Liner Length(mm)


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