ball mill pinion

ball mill pinion

Ball Mill Pinion Gear Introduction

AGICO CEMENT stands as a distinguished manufacturer specializing in ball mill pinions, boasting over 20 sets of gear processing equipment, including gear hobbing machines and lathes. Our comprehensive system encompasses blank forging, tempering, processing, gear hobbing, and quenching, ensuring efficient production of pinions in diverse materials and specifications. With robust processing capacity and a sound quality system, we deliver spare parts products of unparalleled excellence across a broad spectrum of drawing scales.

The pinion gear is a crucial component in ball mill equipment, available in straight and oblique tooth configurations, with key and expansion types. The selection of pinion teeth and modulus varies based on ball mill specifications, primarily determined by mill speed and gear-bearing capacity. Irrespective of the ball mill type, the quality of the pinion is paramount, directly impacting equipment operation and longevity.

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Ball mill pinion gear characteristic

The ball mill pinion gear are crafted from materials like ZG45#, 35SiMn, 45MnB, and 40Cr, tailored to customer specifications and drawings. Tempering ensures a hardness range of HRC40-55, meeting or exceeding mechanical property standards. Tooth surface hardness exceeds big gear tooth surface by 30HB or more, with machining precision conforming to GB/T 10095.

Standard ball mills, typically 1.5, 1.83, and 2.2 meters, adhere to unified gear ring specifications. Non-standard mill configurations necessitate precise pinion replacement data: modulus, tooth count, external and internal diameters, stops, and displacement coefficients. Manufacturer-provided drawings streamline this process; lacking those, professional measurement and sketching are advised. Verified data ensures accurate customization by qualified manufacturers.

Module, the tooth-to-tooth pitch ratio (m = t/π), crucial in gear production, dictates tooth thickness. National standards mandate a pinion module not below 14, with commonly used modules ranging from 18 to 30. Gear tooth count and module align with mechanical principles and operational requirements, guiding gear selection and design.

Mill Pinion Design

Ball mill pinion design is a critical aspect in ensuring efficient and reliable operation of the equipment. Several factors influence the design of the pinion:

Pinion tooth structure of ball mill

Installation of Mill Pinion

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