Crusher Hammers

Crusher Hammers

What is a crusher hammer?

A crusher hammer, also known as a hammer mill or hammer crusher, is a type of shredding machine that is used to crush or pulverize various types of materials into smaller particles.
It consists of a rotor, which contains a series of hammers, and a cylindrical shell around it.
The material is fed into the crusher through a feed hopper, and when the rotor spins at high speed, the hammers impact the material, breaking it down into smaller pieces.

Crusher hammers are commonly used in various industries such as mining, cement, construction, and metallurgy.
They are particularly useful for processing materials with high moisture content or those that are abrasive in nature.
The size and design of the hammers may vary depending on the specific application and the type of material being processed.
We can customize and produce crusher hammers and other cement spare parts according to your working conditions.

We can customize and produce crusher hammer heads according to your working conditions. Now Inquire!

Hammer Heads Performance Characteristics

crusher hammer material

Crusher hammers are typically made from various high-strength materials to withstand impact forces and abrasion during the crushing process.
The choice of material depends on factors such as the type of material being crushed, the operating conditions, and the desired performance characteristics.
AGICO provides various types of Crusher Spares. Some commonly used materials for crusher hammers include:

crusher hammer replacement

Before starting any maintenance work, ensure the crusher is powered off and isolated from any power source.
Lockout/tagout procedures should be followed to prevent accidental startup.

Examine the hammers for signs of wear, damage, or cracks.
Check the hammer’s wear pattern to determine if they need to be rotated or replaced.

If the hammers are worn beyond acceptable limits or damaged, order the appropriate replacement hammers from the manufacturer or supplier.
Make sure to get hammers that match the original specifications and material composition for optimal performance.

Clear the area around the crusher to provide enough space for the replacement work.
Have the necessary tools and equipment ready, including a hoist or lifting device if required.

Loosen and remove the hammer retaining bolts or pins using the appropriate tools.
Carefully lift the old hammers out of the crusher rotor.

Position the new hammers in the rotor, ensuring they are correctly oriented.
Insert the hammer retaining bolts or pins and tighten them securely.

Ensure that the hammers are evenly spaced and balanced around the rotor.
An unbalanced rotor can cause vibration and reduce the crusher’s efficiency.

Once the replacement is complete, power on the crusher and run it under no-load conditions to check for any abnormal vibrations or noises.

Monitor the crusher’s performance after the hammer replacement to ensure it operates efficiently and produces the desired output.

Include hammer inspection and replacement as part of the crusher’s scheduled maintenance program.
Regularly check the hammers’ condition and replace them as needed to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Types Of Crusher Hammer Heads

Forging hammer head

Crusher Hammer Heads Cost

The forged hammer head is suitable for crushing pebbles, coal gangue, limestone, etc.
The forged crusher hammer head is made of high-quality train hub steel 65Mn, which has good impact resistance, strong toughness, good wear resistance, and is not easy to break.
Metal blanks are repeatedly forged by forging machines to deform them to obtain certain mechanical properties, certain shapes, and sizes.
After special quenching and heat treatment, it ensures high hardness and high wear resistance in the working area of the hammerhead.
Forged hammerheads are favored by users because of their low price, economy, and durability.

Bimetal composite hammer head

Crusher Hammer Heads

Bimetal composite hammer is a kind of nanomaterial widely used in daily applications.
The hammer head produced by bimetal thermal composite material has a longer service life than high manganese material.
It is especially suitable for hammerheads of large crushers, blow bars, and liners of large ball mills, especially for harsh industrial and mining environments.
For limestone, cement clinker, iron ore, sandstone, coal gangue, basalt, etc.

High manganese steel hammer head

Crusher Hammer Heads Price

High manganese steel refers to high alloy steel with manganese content above 10%.
The characteristics of high manganese steel are: the greater the external compressive stress or impact load, it is beneficial to form a hardened layer on the surface, so the wear resistance of the casting is higher; with the gradual wear of the surface hardened layer, the effect of external compressive stress or impact load Next, new work-hardened layers will continue to form.
Therefore, it is suitable for making wear-resistant spare parts that can withstand high-impact load material wear for a long time.
Widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, railways, electric power, coal, and other grinding equipment.

High chromium cast iron hammer head

Crusher Hammer Heads Sales

After proper alloying and related process measures, the hardness of the entire section can reach above 58HRC, ensuring hardness and high wear resistance during the wear process.

High chromium alloy hammer head

Crusher Hammer Heads Supply

The high-chromium alloy hammer head has high hardness and is a high-quality wear-resistant material, which has been widely used in hammer crushers.
The hardness of high chromium cast iron can reach more than 58hrc after heat treatment, the matrix is high hardness martensite, and the structure contains a large amount of high hardness carbide M7C3.
Considered a good wear-resistant material for crusher hammer heads.

Alloy hammers, high manganese steel hammers, and forged hammers are only the difference in production process and material.
The level of production technology is higher, and the material is more wear-resistant.
Purchasing directly from manufacturers can not only save intermediate costs, but also increase the output of hammerheads, avoid frequent shutdowns for maintenance, and reduce crushing costs.
AGICO CEMENT manufactures a wide range of crusher spare parts products including Crusher Rotor, Crusher Jaw Plate, and Crusher Hammer Heads. The price of hammer heads for sale is reasonable, welcome to consult us!

crusher hammer specification

ModelRotate speed (R/min)Feed size ( ㎜ )Capacity  (t/h)Power( kw )

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