Crusher Toggle Plate

Crusher Toggle Plate

What is a toggle plate jaw crusher ?

Crusher Toggle Plate is a part that plays a key role in crusher equipment.
It is usually made of steel and is located at the bottom of the crusher where it connects to the jaw plate of the crusher.
The main function of the rocker plate is to adjust the opening and closing state of the crushing cavity during the crushing process, so as to control the in and out of the stone and the particle size of the crushing process.

The rocker plate usually consists of two parts, one fixed to the main body of the crusher and the other connected to the movable jaw plate.
This design allows the lower jaw to swing up and down, creating pressure and friction during the crushing process to break the raw stone into the desired size.
The angle and position of the rocker plate can be adjusted to accommodate different types and sizes of raw materials for more precise crushing results.

The performance and design of the rocker plate of the crusher have a significant impact on the efficiency, output, and quality of the finished product of the crushing process.
A reasonable rocker plate design can balance the force distribution during the crushing process, reduce wear and energy consumption, and ensure stable production operation.
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Types Of Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate

  1. Single Toggle Plate: This type of toggle plate is used in single-toggle jaw crushers, which are characterized by having only one moving jaw and one stationary jaw.
    The single toggle plate is a simple but effective component that serves as a connection between the moving jaw and the frame of the crusher.
    It allows the moving jaw to pivot and apply pressure on the material being crushed.
    This type of design is often used for smaller jaw crushers.
  2. Double Toggle Plate: In contrast to the single toggle plate, double toggle jaw crushers have two moving jaws and two toggle plates.
    These crushers use a more complex mechanism to achieve a larger crushing capacity.
    The double toggle plates are designed to move the moving jaws in a synchronized manner, creating a squeezing and grinding action on the material.
    This design is commonly used for larger-capacity jaw crushers.

Advantages of Crusher Toggle Plate

Crusher Toggle Plate has multiple advantages in crusher equipment, which make it play an important role in ore crushing and ore processing:
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How To Install The Toggle Plate?

Before starting any installation work, make sure that the crusher is completely shut down, and all power sources are disconnected to prevent any accidents.

Clear the area around the crusher and provide sufficient space to work comfortably.

Depending on the design of the jaw crusher, you might need to remove the pitman arm, cheek plates, or other components to access the toggle plate.

Before installation, inspect the toggle plate, toggle seats, and related components for any damage or wear.

Place the toggle plate into position, aligning it with the toggle seats and other components.
Make sure it fits snugly and aligns correctly with the moving jaw.

Depending on the design, the toggle plate might need to be secured using bolts, nuts, or other fasteners.

Ensure that the toggle plate is properly aligned with the rest of the crusher components and that it moves freely without any obstructions or binding.

If you had to remove other components to access the toggle plate, reassemble them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once the toggle plate is installed, you might need to adjust its position and angle.
This can be done to optimize the crushing process for specific types of material or desired output.

After installation, perform a test run with no load to ensure that the toggle plate operates smoothly and without any issues.
Check for any unusual noises or vibrations.

Double-check all connections, fastenings, and adjustments to make sure everything is secure and properly aligned.

Always remember to follow safety guidelines while working with heavy machinery.
Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that the crusher is in a safe and stable condition before restarting it.

Common Causes Of Damage To Toggle Plate

Material Overload

When the jaw crusher is operated beyond its capacity or encounters an excessively large and hard piece of material, it can lead to material overload.
In this situation, the excessive force applied to the toggle plate and other components can cause them to break or deform.
This overload can occur due to improper feeding, lack of proper screening, or sudden changes in the feed material characteristics.
Material overload puts excessive stress on the toggle plate, leading to its failure or damage.

Unintended Foreign Objects

If foreign objects, such as metal, tools, or pieces of rock, accidentally enter the crushing chamber, they can become wedged between the toggle plate and other crusher components.
When the crusher is in operation, these foreign objects can cause the toggle plate to jam, crack, or even break upon impact.
The sudden stoppage due to the obstruction can generate significant stress on the toggle plate, resulting in damage.

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