Steel Slag Grinder Roll

Steel Slag Grinder Roll is the main component of the Steel Slag vertical mill that is often used for grinding materials.
It is precisely because it is the main component that contacts the material during grinding. Therefore, in the process of grinding with the grinding roller, the wear resistance of the grinding roller will directly affect the production efficiency of the vertical mill, thereby affecting the economic benefits of the enterprise.
Therefore, choosing a grinding roller with good wear resistance, high hardness and suitable size is a good way to improve the production efficiency and profit of the enterprise and reduce unnecessary costs.

Steel Slag Grinder Roll

Steel Slag Grinder Roll is made of high-chromium cast iron wear-resistant material. Different types and sizes of grinding rollers and liners with good wear resistance can be customized according to customer needs.
AGICO CEMENT has many years of experience in product development and designers, who design and cast high-quality grinding rollers and liners in strict accordance with the size requirements of samples or drawings. please contact

Based on the theory of wear-resistant materials and the accumulation of long-term practical experience in production, the company continuously researches, innovates and improves the casting and heat treatment process.
Through the use of digital control, the quality of Mill Grinder Roll is kept stable, the service life is longer, and the applicability is wider.
Better for enterprises to improve production efficiency and economic benefits.
Especially in the cement industry vertical mills have widely used our company’s products, the wear resistance and applicability of the products have been well received by users, and a stable supply and demand relationship has been established.

Our company’s Grinder Roll has a short production cycle, and the size can also be customized according to the drawings. The delivery speed is fast, and the quality is also guaranteed after sale.

The alloying elements such as molybdenum, copper and manganese added in the casting process of Steel Slag Grinder Roll can effectively improve the hardenability and improve the mechanical properties after heat treatment, so that the product has high wear resistance, anti-cracking, high hardness and strong applicability.

1. Quality
High-chromium cast iron wear-resistant material is used, and the heat treatment adopts the use of quenching + tempering process, so that the Rockwell hardness HRC is higher than 65, so that the grinding roller has higher wear resistance, high hardness and good toughness.

2. Economic aspects
Large-scale vertical grinding roller manufacturing, low cost. The high output per hour can increase production output and increase economic benefits. Waste grinding rollers can be returned to the factory for recycling, reducing economic costs.

3. Process
The use of “multi-casting in one mold” saves modeling materials and man-hours, increases productivity, and improves labor conditions.

4. Service life
The tire-shaped design is adopted, which can be turned over for use, which improves the utilization rate of the vertical grinding roller, and its service life is more than 1.5 times that of the general grinding roller.


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