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Stone Grinder Roller

Stone Grinder Roller is an important part of the vertical mill. Nepal Cement Company conducts a detailed analysis of the impact of the vibration of the vertical mill.

Vibration caused by insufficient preheating.
If the preheating is insufficient, some of the heat input into the mill will be absorbed by the grinding body, resulting in insufficient heat exchange and breaking the heat balance.
The friction force of the material on the grinding disc increases, the fluidity decreases, and the material bed plate is agglomerated, which is removed by the Stone Grinder Roller
The powder output rate of the rolled material decreases, and it cannot be taken away from the grinding table by the hot air, which causes the material bed to fluctuate and cause vibration;

Vibration caused by insufficient dosing.
The output of the vertical mill can be adjusted within a certain range, but when the feeding amount is too low, the moisture in the mill will decrease.
The absorbed heat is lower than the supplied heat, the material is quickly dried, the plasticity of the material bed is reduced, and it is not easy to form a stable material layer, causing vibration;

Vibration caused by overgrinding.
The increase in the grindability of raw materials, the high grinding pressure and the high speed of the separator may cause the increase of suspended fines above the grinding disc.
The density of the dust-laden gas increases, which increases the probability of collision between particles, and the powder selection process of the separator is disturbed. Raised, causing vibrations.

Other possible causes of vibration
Vibration measuring element failure
Roller skin loose and liner loose
The feeding volume is too large, too small or unstable; the system air volume is insufficient or unstable
Grinding pressure too high or too low
The speed of the powder separator is too high
The nozzle ring is seriously blocked, etc.

Stone Grinder Roller


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