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Wear Reason of Portland Cement Grinder Roll at UAE Cement Factory

Portland Cement Grinder Roll is an important part of the vertical mill, and the material is crushed under the strong pressure of the grinding roller.

The main components of the grinding roller are roller sleeve, hub, roller shaft, bearing, arc-shaped plate sealing frame, lubricating oil pipe, etc. When installing, the gap between the grinding roller sleeve and the retaining ring on the grinding disc can be guaranteed by the adjusting pad on the roller shaft.
Each grinding roller is fixed with its own rocker arm, and each has a hydraulic pressure device.
There is a certain gap between the grinding roller and the lining plate of the grinding disc to prevent the contact between the metals.
The service life and wear speed of the roller sleeve will directly affect the operation rate, grinding efficiency and operating cost of the vertical mill.

Portland Cement Grinder Roll is used to grind steel slag, so the working environment is much worse than that of ordinary cement enterprises.

UAE Cement Factory found that part of the mating surface of the inclined surface of a grinding roller core was severely worn, and the wear depth was as much as 10mm. At the same time, the guide surface was also worn, and the wear depth reached 3-5mm, making it unusable.
For the second time, the company found that the surface of another grinding roller was worn, the part of the inclined surface was worn by 3-7mm, and the part of the guide surface was worn by 3-30mm.

AGICO CEMENT’s analysis of wear causes of UAE Cement rollers

The vertical grinding roller is subjected to huge pressure and vibration during the operation, and the operating environment is a high temperature environment of about 200 °C.
Therefore, in addition to the serious erosion and wear of the roller skin, the impact and wear on the surface of the grinding roller body (roller core) are also quite serious.

The main reason for the wear of the roller body (roller core) is
1. Normal metal fatigue wear.
2. The roller skin is loosened due to the elongated or loose fastening bolts of the roller skin and the untimely tightening.
During operation, the roller skin and the surface of the grinding roller body (roller core) move relative to each other, causing the surface of the roller body to wear and a gap between the mating surfaces.
Coupled with the scouring effect of dust, the surface of the grinding roller body will be severely worn and washed over time, which may lead to the risk of falling off and breaking of the roller skin, and the vibration and noise of the vertical grinding machine will increase.


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