White Cement Grinder Roll

White Cement Grinder Roll is a wearing part in the main machine of the vertical mill. Generally, the Cement Grinder Roll needs to be replaced after the vertical mill has been used for a period of time.
If the quality of the Cement Grinder Roll is not too hard under the same operating conditions, excessive wear will occur and the service life will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the quality of the Grinder Roll material is also an important factor in judging the quality of the equipment of Raymond mill manufacturers.

Wear-resistant Grinding Roller has strong wear resistance and long service life.
Under the same basic production conditions, the maintenance times of the equipment are reduced, and the working efficiency of the equipment is indirectly increased, thereby improving the economic benefits of the manufacturer.
Grinding Roll is good for wear resistance, and grinding ring is good for durability.
Made of high manganese steel, the service life is 2-3 times better than ordinary accessories.

White Cement Grinder Roll

Wear-resistant Grinder Roller we have to carefully check the failure in the mechanical production.
After the fault is found, first clean the conveying port, replace the unsuitable conveying equipment, and adjust the supply speed of the Raymond mill to make the equipment work normally.
Of course, after long-term use, the internal garbage should be cleaned regularly, and the wear condition of the equipment parts should be checked regularly.
When the wear is serious, please stop replacing the worn parts immediately to avoid more damage to the equipment.
In order not to delay the running time of the equipment when the customer needs to replace the equipment, the customer must replace the worn parts of the Raymond mill.
Customers believe that the finer the material, the easier it is to grind, and the higher the production capacity.

White Cement Grinder Roll adopts Gaoming cast iron wear-resistant material, the product quality is more stable, the service life is longer, and the applicability is wider. The product quality and cost performance have reached a high level in China.
Different from other types of Coal Mill Roll, the overall wear surface is uniform and smooth, and there are no pits and grooves. After long-term operation, there are no peeling, falling blocks, cracks and other phenomena.

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